IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: Yeshiva Boy Mugged At Knifepoint On Ave L & E 14 In Flatbush


Thanks to alert Shomrim Volunteers, three thugs who had just robbed a Yeshiva boy at knifepoint were arrested, Thursday afternoon.

It happened at around 5:00PM, when two suspects approached the teenage victim on Avenue L and East 14th Street displayed a knife and demanded his wallet and other valuables. The victim complied, and handed over his wallet, at which point the two suspects fled on foot.

The victim immediately called Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD, who began canvassing the area.

Around 15 minutes later, a Flatbush Shomrim volunteer noticed three black males pacing nervously in the park on Avenue K and East 17th Street. The NYPD was notified, and they began to respond there with the victim to identify the men. At that point, the three suspects fled on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, two out of the three suspects were taken into custody.

Minutes later, a homeowner called the SHomrim hotline to report that three black males had just thrown a knife in front of his house. Police responded, and retrieved the weapon used in the mugging.

The third suspect is still at large.

The NYPD thanked Shormim for their invaluable assistance in this incident, and of the phenomenal working relationship between them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  4. Wouldn’t it be nice, if every time one of these thugs gets released back onto the streets without bail, another politician who voted for this bail reform insanity would get locked up in their place, starting with those on top. That would be getting to the root of this state’s problems.