URGENT AUDIO MESSAGE: Boro Park Hatzolah Says Community Not Taking This Seriously


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Boro Park Hatzolah has sent out an urgent message to local residents.

Hatzolah Coordinator Chaim Fisher pleads with community who seems to be ignoring all warnings about the dangers of the Coronavirus. He says that in the community of Boro Park, many people are ignoring the dangers. Fisher says “there are many people in the community fighting for their lives”, and begs people to take this seriously.

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  1. I think many Jewish communities not just Boro park took this not seriously enough. It was serious, just not serious enough to cancel a wedding two days away, or a Purim party, or a bris etc. now we are reaping what we have sown. The Flatbush community as well Has seen a HUGE spike , so much so that a local doctor told me today don’t bother coming in for testing, if you have fever, it’s probably Coronavirus. He said majority of the dozens of tests he has sent in were positive. BH he said most cases were very mild and we shouldn’t worry. But to stay home and avoid contact with all others. I know many other people who have fever right now.

  2. His intentions are pure but he was way to soft. Say it loud: “Stay in your houses!”, “Osur to daven with a minyan!”, “Osur to hear krias hatorah!”. It is aveira habo’o b’aveira! Pikuach nefesh! This is not just SOFEK pikuach nefesh! how many more of your friends must be in ICU in order to get it? Don’t think about your disrupted life. Think about other people’s ACTUAL LIVES! We will do our part and Hashem should do his!

  3. Has there been a clear, unqualified and strong statement from ALL the gadolim here in here in the U.S. to immediately stop going to shuls, yeshivos,, mikvah, simchas, etc. until further notice.

  4. If Chaim Fischer wants everyone to take it seriously, I think he should start by giving his members the proper Masks and other equipment to protect themselves.