The Rebbetzin: 650 Pages Of High-Powered (And Much Needed!) Inspiration

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Less than two weeks after its publication, The Rebbetzin, Rabbi Nachman Seltzer’s epic biography of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, is already a bestseller. It’s the story of the young Holocaust survivor who became, as Rebbetzin Kanievsky called her, the “Rebbetzin of the World.”

Readers’ reactions to the book – which is 650 pages long, and includes over 300 photographs – have been incredible. One woman wrote: “Bought the new book [The Rebbetzin] Friday… loved it! Read it while in lockdown over Shabbat.” Said another: “This book is a MASTERPIECE. I am 500 pages in. I could not put it down over Shabbos. Rabbi Seltzer captured the essence of the Rebbetzin so well it is almost like she is alive in the pages. I am blown away and feel like I had her with me all Shabbos.”

Rebbetzin Jungreis was famous the world over for giving comfort and wise guidance to everyone she met: prime ministers and prisoners, completely secular and Torah-observant Jews alike. Now, in these harrowing times, she is still giving us much-needed comfort and inspiration in the pages of this book, which so vividly captures her fascinating personality and remarkable life story.

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