Something To Think About In These Challenging Times


People everywhere, young and old, Rabbonim and lay people, those with plenty and those with less, all seem to sense that there is a message for us in these difficult days. We need to hear the message.

Please read the attached suggestion from our Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim, and visit And think about it.


  1. A wedding meal of 250!!! You kidding me??? Many of us ALREADY make weddings in the 250 – 300 range. No, no, no! The wedding meal should be no larger than immediate family plus 50 close friends AND THAT’S IT!!! No reason to have people at a wedding that you have so little of a connection that wouldn’t ever invite them to your home for a supper. ANYONE YOU WOULDN’T INVITE FOR SUPPER MEANS YOU ARE NOT SOOO CLOSE THAT YOU MUST INVITE TO YOUR WEDDING MEAL!!!! They are acquaintances, NOT close friends. IMMEDIATE FAMILY PLUS 50 CLOSE FRIENDS – MAX!!!!!

  2. Is this a new organization? “Rabbonim Call for Action”?
    What happened to “Rabbonim Call for Inaction” that was so active these past few weeks?
    They had such a LARGE membership. This group only has 3 Rabbis.

    How about a Kabbalah of no Siyumi HaShas over 80,000 people with price tags over $2,000,000 and use the money instead for poor Yidden that can’t put food on their tables.

  3. Wonderful, first the Jews Rabbis told them to ignore the Government’s top scientists and doctors and carry on with their communal prayer services and now we hear that the Lord has brought a terrible plague on the world that can be stopped if the Jews stop being so mercenary and make large wedding celebrations. When will these frankly stupid pronouncements stop? We bring anti-semitism on ourselves.