DRAMA IN MERON: 300 Charieidm Arrested After breaking Into Kever Rashbi [VIDEOS]


Approximately 300 broke into the Kever of Rashbi on Har Meron on Tuesday evening in order to celebrate the end of Lag Ba’Omer. The group of people, mostly Chareidi men with some children, defied police orders that limited entry to the site due to fears of the spread of the coronavirus. Clashes broke out between those who wished to Daven at the site and security forces who attempted to prevent them from doing so. According to reports in the Israeli media, 300 people were arrested.

Police followed the strict limitations put on the celebration, which normally sees hundreds of thousands of Jews head to Kever Rashbi in Meron over the course of Lag Ba’Omer. However, this year, the Israeli government put a strict limitation on how many attendees would be allowed to visit the Mount.

The break-in took place towards the end of Tuesday after police took down most of their barricades that kept the throngs of would-be worshippers from entering. Violent clashes ensued between the worshipers and police officers, some of whom had left the area and rushed back to the site. Several people suffered mild injuries, according to reports.

Police stated that over one hundred people were arrested for assaulting officers. “Those arrested had attacked officers. They threw rocks at them and forcibly resisted dispersing.” According to reports in the Israeli media, more than 300 were detained.

As most would-be worshippers weren’t allowed to go to the Kever for the holiday, a group of some 200 enterprising Charedim took a flight that was operated by Israir over the town of Meron and the Kever of Rashbi. The reason for the flight was so that the participants could get as close as possible to the tomb. Footage from inside the plane broadcast by Channel 12 news displayed participants blatantly disregarding social distancing rules, gathering near windows, and dancing together.

According to a statement made by United Hatzalah of Israel, 40 people were treated at the Kever for light injuries including fainting, contusions, and abrasions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I do not understand these people. There are many serious things to fight over in Israel but this is not one of them. Other than provoking a fight with the police, what was the point to this?

  2. Don’t make a Chillul HaShem. The Rashbi and his beloved son Eliezer still love Klal Yisrael. I don’t think they want you risking infecting Yehudim from the Sephardi and Breselv communities in Israel (implying they are more likely to be there.

  3. There were supposed to be hundreds if not thousands of police and soldiers stopping people from getting anywhere near Meiron. All roads leading to Meiron were closed, so we were told. If the Israeli Police and Army cannot prevent a few hundred eager bochurim and avreichim getting into a closed area, what hope do we have if thousands of Arabs try and force their way in?

  4. Dumpkopfs!
    Yelling Nazi?????? What mosodos do these idiots come from? Are they sending me mail pieces begging for money???????

  5. “But good ‘ol YWN, they’ll report anything that makes chareidim look bad!”

    Yaapchik, these chareidim didn’t need the help of YWN; they managed to look bad all by themselves.

  6. I am B”H far too young to have been personally impacted by the Holocaust but my heart weeps for those who went through the horrors of those times and hear youngsters calling other Yidden, policemen, soldiers and anyone who they disagree with “nazi”. They know and many experienced at first hand what real nazis, yemach shemom, were. Can none of the heilige teiyra buchurim and avreichim who stood close to Rabi Shimon zy”a yesterday not have any feeling for these hero survivors?

  7. YWN- what is the need to mention in the headline or article that these individuals were Charedim? Clearly these individuals do not represent the Charedi world since the 100’s of thousands of Charedim who would have gone to Meron under normal circumstances did not go this year. If YWN feels, for some reason, that this is a really important event for the Jewish world to know about, I ask that it be presented in a fair a accurate way.

  8. I agree with yaapchick.
    Once again “Yeshiva” world news has done us proud, with it’s anti Chareidi stance, which is utterly disgusting!!!
    It may be wrong(or definitely wrong ), however to post it as; BREAKING NEWS CHAREDIM break into Meron, is pure malice against the Chareidim!!
    Ve’hamaivin yavin!!

  9. This whole article is unfortunate but to allow a comment calling the police Nazis? Do we have such a short memory as to what a Nazi really was?

  10. Unfortunately, those breaking in looked like they represent many different groups. Lots of people got together to make a chilul Hashem. Wrong type of achdus.

  11. 147, can you tell me which Mitzvah in the Torah it is to visit Meron on Lag B’Omer? I’d think this is Bitul Torah at it’s finest

  12. They didn’t do right, but while in tel Aviv the beaches are allowed to be full why are not himeshe people allowed to go duven at the rashbi ????

  13. 1. YWN should not have posted this. Chillul Hashem.
    2. The title ‘Chareidim’ was very inappropiate, as Maivin pointed ouot.
    3. Yes, the Zioinim police (not all, but many) are very bad, but in this instance, they happened to be in the right.
    4. Again, i despise the Zionim, but the answer to the question about Tel Aviv beaches and lehavdil Elef Havdolos, Kever Rashbi, A – it is indoors and B it is a hotspot, that hundreds of thousands, pack into a few hundred square meters in a 24 hour period, of course it has to be have access denied. Sometimes, just sometimes, the Medina does get it right, especially when they are worried they will suffer as a result.
    There are enough other things to ‘hack’ about.
    5. It makes me real mad to watch how senseless some people are, but i think that some people are totally detached from the media, and don’t realize what is going on. If i did not read YWN and WorldOmeter.com, i would have no idea how serious it is, i almost know no-one who died/is sick.

  14. if you are so busy saying Chillul Hashem why are you not looking on the Chillul Hashem that the crazy Israeli police are making

  15. As a Frum jew I strongly condemn these Chassidim. They are making a huge chillul Hashem, YWN is very wrong to post Charaidim rather it should be breslov or some other chassidus that best represents these people. But honestly looking at other videos besides these where they make road blocks and throw rocks at the police. These people have to know that they are representing klal yisrael and the more they do these very childish things the more likely theirs going to be another Hitler (his name should be erased forever) who is going to try to convince people that we are crazy fanatics. (when in real truth its only these people.)