UNDER INVESTIGATION: Sullivan County Sheriff’s Locate Woman Who Posted Threats Against Jews


The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an unspecified threat that was made indirectly over Facebook regarding summer camps and colonies.

Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the owner of the Facebook page on Tuesday and interviewed her regarding the comments.

“The owner of the Facebook page was repeating remarks made to her by several strangers that she had encountered in public the previous weekend”, said Undersheriff Eric Chaboty.

“We are working to identify these individuals, but at this point the comments appear casual and do not indicate any imminent threat. Nevertheless, the Sheriff’s Office takes all threats seriously and investigates them thoroughly”, he said.

Sheriff Mike Schiff asks that all residents of Sullivan County remain vigilant this Memorial Day weekend and report any suspicious activity immediately.

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  1. Outside of this ladies hamlet in flyover country, they mock you for wearing a mask and there are several instances of violence from people who refuse to put on masks. Maybe they can all travel up to her Walmart and protest in their flag shirts! Or maybe she wouldn’t complain and this is just another excuse to be a bigot

  2. I looked up her Facebook page the other day. She’s a blanking hypocrite! She moved to Monticello in March, after the restrictions were already in place. She’s not even from here.

  3. who said she’s wrong, all she said was to wear a mask for the safety of our children. DON’T MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF NOTHING.