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LOOK: The NY Times Once Again Shows Their True Colors

As NYC and the nation is set ablaze by “protestors” looking for “justice” in the murder of George Floyd, a reporter by the name “Eliza Shapiro” decided to tweet the following:

“Just drove through Hasidic Williamsburg. Saw at least 250 people, and not a *single* person was wearing a mask. The Hasidic community in NYC has suffered a horrifying death toll from the virus. I didn’t see any police.”

The reporter then linked to a NY Times article from May 7th headlined “Scrutiny of Social-Distance Policing as 35 of 40 Arrested Are Black”.


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  1. Lets not give a Pitchon Peh to anyone, Wear the mask, Maintain Social Distancing, Wash Hands Frequently, Stay home if you have symptoms etc. These are all congruous with a frum Torah true lifestyle so whats the problem. Stop congregating for no reason. When the police show up, disperse and go where you need to be , no need to stand around gawking . We are better than that. We are intelligent people, let others see that.

  2. The “35 of 40” refers to a single burough where a total of 40 arrests were made between March 17 through May 4 (mainly in a predominantly Black community called Brownsville). It is all a matter of spin. The police are concerned about the health of the Black community but let the White community infect itself and die off.

  3. The media is rarely on our side. The NY Post had inflammatory articles against Boro Park stores being open, citing data from 2 MONTHS AGO that the Boro Park community was hit harder than the rest of the city, although the tide has long turned and isn’t true at this point.

    And complaining about Toys 4 U specifically, selling only 1 model bike online was one of their beefs. Online, really? The “journalist” was just in the store, I’m sure he saw many more bikes on display. And complaining that people are buying toys, did they run an article against Walmart citing how much clothing was being sold? Did they do research on whether repairing bikes “was a different tack” for the store or they were always doing so?

    So call out The NY Times, as their caliber of reporting is supposedly higher, but don’t forget that the “conservative” media isn’t pro frumme either.

  4. and why is so hard for frum people to wear masks? At Least if you don’t believe in it, and you don’t care about your life and your family, do it in public, so anti semites won’t have a very valid reason to talk about all Jews. I live in Kensington, and there are about 90% of non Jews or not observant Jews who wear masks, and maybe hardly about 30% of frum Jews who wear masks. Its really a shame that those frum Jews without masks don’t care about protecting their lives and lives of people around them, and cause so many negative comments against them. After all it’s not an avaeira to wear a mask, so please anyone explain me that phenomenon.

  5. Hey, מה שנכון נכון

    It may not be nice to hear, but this is unfortunately the truth.

    Who is to blame other than ourselves?

    Let’s not give them what to slander us about.

  6. What is your point? It’s true that hasidim in Williamsburgh and Boro Park are not wearing masks. They feel the mageifa is over. I hope they’re right but that is foolish and risky behavior.


  8. why does that piece of filthy rag even look at our direction .do we care what they thinks of us. believe you me a little boy that learns ‘eili metzias’ has more seichel than these ‘ smart’ writers. so who cares

  9. The NY Times should be told that the number of new cases within the WIllimsburg / BoroPark Jewish community over the past three weeks has been holding at about zero.

  10. What exactly is the objection to this Ms. Shapiro’s observation and link to a New York Times article? Should the New York City police help lower the coronavirus infection rate in Chasidic neighborhoods by making arrests in Chasidic neighborhoods for breaches of social distancing rules? Do Chasidim need as much help and the black and brown neighborhoods of New York?

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