OVERNIGHT NYC: 700 Arrested, Hundreds Of Businesses Destroyed, NYPD Officer Serious Cond


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YWN 10:00AM UPDATE FROM NYC: New York City is bracing for its second night of curfew Tuesday, one that will be imposed three hours earlier than Monday’s, after “packs of youth” took to the streets overnight and looted hundreds upon hundreds of stores (a real accurate number – despite DeBlasio saying otherwise) across Manhattan and the Bronx.

Organized looters hit nearly every type of store you could think of, from high-end retailers and big department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales, to drug stores and even banks.

Police were posted on nearly every other block in Manhattan but it wasn’t enough to deter looting from Midtown to Lower Manhattan.

Nearly 2,000 people have been arrested over the five days of New York City protests so far. Police confirm to YWN that they cuffed another 700 Monday night, by far the biggest number of arrests in any of the New York protests and nearly doubling the five-day total.


Several more cops were hurt overnight, including an NYPD sergeant investigating break-ins in the Bronx, who was viciously beaten with a wooden object. An officer was struck by a car early Tuesday and is in serious condition. The car was packed with looters who were fleeing police. More than 40 police officers have been hurt since Thursday night.

NY Governor Cuomo has said he has the National Guard on standby but believes the NYPD has the manpower to handle the protests.

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Unfortunately, 98% of the video footage from the looting has extremely strong language and cannot be shown. Here is just a small sample.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. their TRUE COLORS are showing…
    but as far as deBLASTio is concerned, the TRUE danger is from the chasidishe women and children in the parks in Williamsburg and the open stores on 13th Ave in BP….

  2. What a true disgrace that YWN only shows people of color being arrested for looting. They must have just been there looking to purchase a TV and got caught up by mistake.