NEXT IDIOCY: DeBlasio To Use Defunded NYPD Money To Give People Free Internet


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New York City plans to expand broadband access for hundreds of thousands of low-income residents, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.

De Blasio said $87 million of the $157 million project will come from the NYPD’s capital budget in what he called the “spirit of redistribution.”

“That digital divide is very, very intense – 1.5 million New Yorkers lack home broadband access. So this is something we have to go at head-on,” he said. “It’s another tale of two cities, it has been for a long time and it’s all, bluntly, about the profit.”

The mayor’s task force on racial inclusion and equity put forth the plan.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. Mayor Bill deImbelsilio has proven once again that not only should he NOT be Mayor but shouldn’t be dog-catcher….OK maybe dog-catcher. He has blood on his hands… instead of increasing the police force he castrates our police officers. Cuckoo.

  2. DeBlasio in his youth volunteered with a group who directly supported the Sadonistas. If you don’t know who the Sadonistas are, they were a South American Socialist government that was known for their violent brutality and inhumane treatment of their citizens.

    If you ever played arcade games in your youth, you probably remember the famous game Contra. Contra was the name of a rebel group set up by the CIA to counter the Sadonistas. Our generation literally grew up playing video games where the good guys shot at and blew up the groups Bill DeBlasio was working for. Let that sink in for a minute.

  3. Terrific. Now this idiot is going to offer internet service to the poor. The poor who can’t even afford their daily essentials, no less a computer.
    Great. Now some of the poor people will be able to join the bandwagon and start looting stores for electronics.
    Super move DUMMY. Bet that Cuomo gave you the idea.

  4. Free internet for the poor can help bring them out of poverty.

    But defunding police can make them dead before they can get out of poverty.

    “Spirit of redistribution”????? This from the guy who claimed that black voters in the South who voted for Joe Biden lacked information.

  5. The only way these two issues may relate to each other; is that if the thugs/criminal types have free internet; perhaps they will spend more time at home entertaining themselves using the internet instead of out on the streets making trouble.

  6. So help me understand this. Public and privately owned companies, who are in business, by definition, to make EARN money, to support and help provide for the education of their families and the families of their employees, have to share their hard-EARNED wages with any individual who chooses not to work to afford these luxurious. Did I get this right?

  7. And if THEY do indeed do that, then the recipients will miraculously choose to get an education, get a job, and stop looting stores to get the computer for which they will have free internet.

  8. There is no words to describe how dumb this mayor has gotten. What’s more important, People’s lives, or Free WI-FI. I am SO fed up with mayor De Blasio.

  9. Get this shoyte out of office quickly. He is ruining the entire city. He is the only reason why these shootings happened. This guy has got to go

  10. Orthodox Jews take endless amounts of housing assistance, food stamps, school grants… They sign up for every government program that their voting block can coerce from the city. They don’t happen to need internet so that is a waste? Perhaps if your leaders allowed your community members to participate in the world, you would appreciate the value of access to technology.

  11. markjw: Are you speaking for yourself?
    Because you’re not talking for me!!!

    Signed: A proud, educated, self-sufficient Orthodox Jewess.

  12. Look at this peanut gallery. Government welfare for me (frumme), rugged individualism for thee. You call yourselves “conservatives”? LOL get real

  13. @markjw- none of the programs that you’ve outlined have been afforded to those who need it at the cost of safety and security. If the budget had included this provision (for low-income NY residents to get free internet) in normal times it would’ve barely registered as a blip on the radar. At issue here is where the money is being repurposed from- not the fact that the program has been instituted.

  14. “it has been for a long time and it’s all, bluntly, about the profit.”
    No it is not. That’s now how it works. Unless you believe everything is a conspiracy theory with no end game.

  15. Why not? Instead of calling 911, you can post it on Facebook. Even better, you can unfriend the mugger.
    Maybe you could email your local vigilante (if no more cops, we can back to older means of keeping order). If people in different neighborhoods disagree about matters, they can simply have a blood feud (very traditional).

    If you want intelligent politicians, you need to elect them. It’s only in a dictatorship that the idiots running things end up being hung upside from lampposts.