DESPICABLE: Police Wrestle Chareidi Woman To Ground For Not Properly Wearing a Mask


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Since Wednesday, a video illustrating Israeli police officers who violently forced mask compliance on a Chareidi woman whose nose was exposed has been making waves on the Internet.

In the video, four police officers are seen physically trying to move the woman from her place. Bystanders protested the police actions loudly. The officers eventually succeeded at tackling the woman and handcuffing her while she was lying on the ground.

In a statement made by the Police Spokesperson’s Department to the media the Israel Police said: “During police enforcement activities in Jerusalem, officers identified a woman who got off the light rail while not wearing a mask on her face as required. When she noticed the police officers, she tried to evade them and when they detained her for identification, she refused to identify herself while trying to walk away on the railroad tracks.”

The statement continued, “Therefore she was first detained by the policewomen, and despite repeated warnings to cooperate and not to interfere with enforcement, they were forced to arrest her after she refused to be detained and eventually handcuffed her for resisting arrest. Once she was identified and despite her unlawful conduct, it was decided to settle for only issuing her a citation for not wearing the mask and she was released,” the police added.

There have been multiple videos of violent arrests over not-wearing masks properly. Many are claiming that police have been targeting Chareidim more than any other community.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So, as anyone can see, they didn’t wrestle her to the ground, fahrkert, they tried to stand her up and she refused to get up. Obviously mentally ill.

  2. This lady is screaming” I want to go home.” And “Stop it!” She seems to either be on the spectrum or have a serious mental illness. Anyone smart enough and especially emergency workers should be able to recognize that.
    They should be punished in order to teach other officers to use their common sense.
    And if they did realize that once she started screaming- send her to a phyciatric hospital, why arrest her with handcuffs?
    Hshem yiracheim!

  3. Do not:

    – Argue with
    – Reason with
    – Lie to
    – Avoid
    – Threaten
    – Heckle
    – Intimidate
    – Beg
    – or Insult

    anyone of authority without accepting the consequences.

    From police, you cant expect to be physically restrained, arrested and taken into custody.

    That is what you can expect in a liberal democracy, like Denmark or Sweden.

    In real “communist” or “facist” countries, youd be summarily shot.

    Calling the Israeli police Natzis or Stallanists is vile and ignorant.

    Yeshiva World would better serve its readership by educating the tzibur about why and how to comply with the law rather than posting embarrassing clips of them being arrested.

  4. We should bring some of those police to Boro Park were 90% of people don’t wear masks as required by law,what was despicable was the fact she didn’t wear a mask and when confronted by the police she refused to identify herself as required by law

  5. There are too many mixed messages here. Your headlines scream despicable police, etc. But then the article states that she tried to evade the police. Why evade? Just cover your nose and move on. In truth, she was probably just terrified and ended up having some sort of panic attack and was unable to cooperate. But from the video the cops did NOT manhandle her. The 2 female officers were really gentle with her, cradling her head etc.
    And I’m not saying the cops and government are behaving correctly in general with the Chareidim over covid, I’m just commenting on this particular incident.

  6. To understand she was seen exiting the light rail without a mask is unbelievable. I am impressed that they were able to have female police attend to her.
    In my opinion there should be arrests to teach people to stay home or wear masks.

  7. I have placed aced an incantation and curse on each of these police ימח שמם וזכרונם. They should each suffer unending horrifying tragedy for their abominable mode of conduct. This mode of conduct does nothing to solve Israel’s huge Corona mess. I also fully comprehend why these police are frequently called Nazis, and it is entirely of their own making.

  8. Play stupid games,
    Win stupid prizes
    Obey the police
    Are frum people really as stupid as BLM activists? You know what, dont answer that question.

  9. I see nothing despicable at all in this video. I see a woman who is resisting police officers’ lawful directions. The police are sensitive to her being religious, and therefore there are only policewomen touching her, rather than policemen. The video starts with her yelling at the police to stop and holding her hands back as the policewomen try to pull her hands out (it’s not visible from the video why they’re doing this, since whatever was the cause took place before the video starts), but she only ends up on the ground because she’s holding her hands back – so when they try to pull them forward, her whole body comes forward off the bench and onto the ground.

    You may not like the way that the mask rules are being enforced, and you may even be right that they’re being enforced more strictly in Chareidi areas than others – but that doesn’t give this woman (or anyone else, for that matter) the right to ignore a legal order from the police, and under Israeli law, a police officer has the right to demand identification from any individual for any reason or no reason at all. George Floyd this isn’t.

    an Israeli Yid

  10. Animals. This would never happen anywhere else. Does anyone really have a hard time understanding why the fum tzibbur despises the cops, against the backdrop of these recent videos?

  11. What are the police supposed to do with someone who’s endangering people’s health, and just sits on a bench screaming at them? It’s OK for anyone to walk around spreading disease, as long as they refuse to accompany the police or identify themselves when caught?

    We’re entering a second lockdown because of animals like this woman. Tens of thousands losing their parnasah, just because of these low-lifes spreading disease in public places and who think they’re not answerable to anyone.

  12. This is getting out of hand already.
    I was in the process of purchasing an apartment in EY, but I have to reconsider now as I got used to living as a free person and accustomed to not being persecuted for practicing my religion. This wouldn’t be an issue if the apartment was in Hertzaliya or Tel Aviv.

  13. Who says masks really help? If you’re worried about getting sick, you can wear a mask AND a face shield. That should protect you from all those healthy people who are not transmitting anything to you and can’t breathe properly with a mask on. Or YOU can stay home!

  14. YWN – why’d you remove the original video the story was about? Was it possibly because the video didn’t match the story you wrote?

    Circle – during the Three Weeks, when we mourn being thrown out of our land, you start being Motzi Shem Ra on Eretz Yisrael? Nobody is being persecuted for “practicing [his/her] religion” in Eretz Yisrael. The case shown in the since-deleted video was of a women resisting police who were trying to enforce “v’nishmartem me’od l’nafshosechem” and “lo sa’amod al dam re’echa”.

    an Israeli Yid