WATCH: Trump Wears Mask In Public For First Time During Pandemic


President Trump visited the Walter Reed Military Hospital Saturday where he was spotted wearing a face mask in public for the first time amid surging cases of coronavirus in the U.S.

Trump flew by helicopter to the military hospital to meet with wounded soldiers and medical staff, telling reporters at the White House prior to his departure that he would “probably wear a mask.”

“When you’re in a hospital, especially… I think it’s expected to wear a mask,” the president said after months of refusing to wear one in public.

As the coronavirus pandemic has surged in the U.S. — with over 3.2 million confirmed cases and more than 134,000 deaths — several GOP members have come out urging people to wear masks, adding that it should be an issue of health, not politics.



  1. Sad and tragic that it takes a trip to Walter Reed to get him to finally wear a mask. Even if he was correct about his not needing one because “he is always being tested” his failure to set and example and his constant undercutting of his own public health leadership will probably be shown to have cost lives.

  2. Katan, you are full of garbage. Nothing you write has any truth to it. If anything the president has done cost lives it’s endorsing the disastrous lockdowns.

    And no, Stevenn, he hasn’t been proved wrong, because he isn’t wrong.

  3. Wasn’t President Donald Trump {Our Absolutely Best President ever, who Must be re-elected in 113 days} able to find a face mask embossed with “Keep America Great”?