Grodna Yeshiva Sees 150 Bochrim Test Positive for Corona – Many With Symptoms


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More than 150 students from the Grodna Yeshiva in Beer Yaakov tested positive for the Coronavirus on Tuesday. This was out of only 400 students who attend the yeshiva. additionally, many of the students were symptomatic.

The Yeshiva set up three buildings to be used as dormitories throughout the year for ill students. One building is for those who are not ill, another is for those with symptoms, and the third is for those without symptoms.

The yeshiva used the capsule system in order to minimize the possible transfer of the virus throughout the students body.

The yeshiva said that they are worried about the upcoming tefillos for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, during which hundreds of students will have to daven in alternate minyanim for those who are ill.

The Yeshiva’s regular ba’al tokeah, Rabbi Plonchick also took ill with the virus and has therefore not been present in the yeshiva. The yeshiva is currently looking for a different ba’al tokeah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I find it interesting that many other people have the symptoms, but I never recall even having the virus despite having been in [only] NY and NJ since it started.

  2. The yeshiva is currently looking for a different ba’al tokeah. Just in case they forgot, they don’t require one this year, since R’H falls out on Shabbos, but being that last time this transpired was 11 years, they probably simply didn’t realize & overlooked this fact.

  3. DrYidd, I hope that your “Yidd” is more central to who you are than your “Dr” title. Please learn hilchos lashon hara including motzi shem ra. These boys are not exposing others – only each other. Immuno-compromised boys are not in yeshiva. Be humbly aware that you lack daas Torah. These boys’ immunity should last them for at least a few months, giving them a more normal winter zman. And being they are mostly asympomatic or have very mild symptoms, they can continue learning now during Elul anyway. Another advantage is that now during the upcoming yomtov season they won’t be infectious anymore but will have immunity, so they’ll be free to help their grandparents and other housebound/quarantined people.

    147 – Why are you assuming that they overlooked the fact that R”H falls on Shabbos. How about Sunday – the 2nd day of R”H – they don’t need a baal tokeah for that?! Rosh Hashana is 2 days in E”Y just as in the rest of the world. There is no יום טוב שני של גלויות on R”H but rather יומא אריכתא – “a long day” which consists of two days.