Ashdod Man Contracts Corona For Second Time


According to a report in the local Ashdod news site, Ashdodnet, a 28-year-old resident of the city, Roee Elmaliach, has reported that he has contracted Corona for the second time.

While researchers around the globe are trying to determine whether such a thing is possible, Elmaliach tested positive for Corona after developing the symptoms of the disease on Rosh Hashanah.

Elmaliach, who is currently in self-quarantine in his house, is in contact with the doctors at his HMO regarding his treatment. “Over the course of Rosh Hashanah, my situation deteriorated. I began to have a fever, and I was suffering severe stomach pains and diarrhea. It got worse later on as I also developed back pain and  pain behind my eyes that wouldn’t let me sleep.”

Elmaliach said that the first time he contracted the disease, he had next to no symptoms at all. “The first time I got the disease, I had nearly no symptoms. This time around, it is much worse. I lost my sense of taste, have a very high fever, and have pains in my eyes and body that are keeping me up. My nurse is waiting for the doctor to get back to her. I don’t think they know what to do as this is likely the first time that they are dealing with a person who contracted the disease twice.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If the first time he had no symptoms, I wouldn’t call it contracting the disease a second time. Either the first time around the test was faulty, or he had such a mild version that his body didn’t develop any antibodies.
    If it is such a unique virus that the body doesn’t become immune to it with antibodies, we would have millions of people being re-infected with it, not just one random case..

  2. It’s a shame that these people are told to do NOTHING and expect to get better.

    There is so much one can do if only one listens to doctors and researchers with integrity who actually bothered researching COVID and have tried different things. Do not listen to doctors who are ignorant or are plain political hacks. Unfortunately, many Yiddish doctors have fallen prey to the EVILNESS of the liberals

  3. Speaking as a doctor in Israel, I can attest that there are, unfortunately, many faulty, erroneous or miss-assigned reports and results. The majority are accurate, but there is a significant minority of erroneous or unreliable results. So most likely this story is a result of one of those many mistakes.

    If not – if actually contracting the disease does not induce the body to develop sufficient antibodies – then no vaccine stands a chance of being more effective.

  4. Most likely the first was another defaulted test. It is not the first time.
    Let them have one that had definite symptoms once and then contracted again. Other than this, they have no case to prove anything. It would be one in milllions this is as rare as having Siamese twins.