WATCH: Anti-Kapparos “Activists” Steal Crate of Chickens From Williamsburg Kapparos Center


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The NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim were looking for a vehicle that stole a crate of live chickens for a Williamsburg Kapparos center on Erev Yom Kippur.

The crime was captured on dashcam video which can be seen below.

Many of these “animal rights activists” are the same type of folks who attend BDS rally’s, Occupy Wall Street, RESIST, “Not My President”, and chant “Free Free Palestine” at anti Israel demonstrations. YWN has in previous years confirmed the same faces seen at all different venues of protest.

You can be sure that these activists didn’t protest the Hamas use of birds to carry bombs into Israel [as was reported by YWN in July in 2018].

YWN notes that the very same people that are so overly concerned for the lives of chickens, have no problem killing unborn human babies.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I very much doubt these animal rights people are involved in other causes. Their obsession is animal rights. What are they going to do to care for the chicken? Let them loose in a park to fend for themselves, keep them in their homes or send them to a farm where they will face a fate similar to schita for kappores?

  2. I personally dont do Kaporos with chickens any more, but how many abortions have members of these anti-cruelty groups performed? Why are chickens lives more important that human lives? Their attitude towards and treatment of human infants is way more deplorable, than anything done to chickens.

  3. Motcha, yes, they do. Not only that, they protest against animals being used in medical experiments to save human lives, or to make products safe for humans. They are so deluded that they don’t believe there is any difference between a human life and that of a chicken or a rat or a mosquito.