WATCH THIS: Cuomo Says Satmar Should Make “Small Wedding This Year, Big One Next Year” And Invite Him


At Sunday’s press conference, NY Governor Cuomo was asked about the Satmar wedding that the state put the brakes on after learning that thousands may be attending.

Cuomo ended his remarks by saying: “My suggestion, have a small wedding this year, next year have a big wedding, “invite me, I’d come.”

Meanwhile, a letter from Satmar sent to the media blasted the decision and the way it was done insisting they had taken special measures to ensure the wedding complied with coronavirus safety protocol, however claimed “nobody verified our plans before attacking us”/

Satmar said unlike the hordes of worshippers and guests touted by state officials, only a ‘small circle of close family members’ would have been attending the wedding, and ‘the rest of the community would only be able to participate for a short period of time.’

“The greeting cue would have been controlled in accordance with the social distancing regulations. The proper arrangements were in place to achieve that.”

Satmar flyer announcing the wedding stopped by Governor Cuomo has been reduced to a small crowd for family and everyone else can call the hotline and hear it live

The letter continued that the family has been forced to scrap its original plans as a result of the publicity over the state’s order and the expected mass turnout.

“The publicity will turn this wedding to a paparazzi and will draw spectators that will make it impossible to control the crowds to comply with social distancing,” the letter reads.

“It will also deter from the celebratory and spiritual atmosphere fit for such an affair. Hence, we decided that the wedding will not be held as planned, and will only [be] attended by close family members.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. JFK had the moxy to send in the National Guard to force governor Wallace to step aside to protect the civil rights of Black Americans in Georgia. Does President Trump have the moxy to step force Governor Cuomo to step aside to protect the civil rights of Jews in New York?

  2. Any letter Satmar puts out in English is only meant for the others as public relationship purposes only. If you believe that letter, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
    What the press thought was going to be was most certainly the real deal.

  3. What Satmar should do is declare the wedding a BLM Protest and then there’s nothing to worry about. BLM protests are immune to COVID-19 according to Cuomo.

  4. well everyone knows cuomo is a first class idiot, but this proves it very nicely, because by next year he will be voted out, and thrown out of office, and then will be considered another moron leftist on the street, and wont be invited to his own grandmothers birthday party, hes a disgrace to everyone

  5. Bridge shmidge. Its hoing to be on a VERY small scale. R Z L already did a small chasuna. While Im not a chasid of his, hes sure as hell not out to make a Chilul Hashem and will do it as authorities permit. I bet you my bottom dollar on it all u Satmar bashers.
    But governor Cuomo, u sure cant consider yourself as a guest anytime soon for any Jewish weddings. It isnt fun being targeted by u every step of the way while purposefully ignoring other neighborhoods. We ORTHODOX JEWS, DO COMPLY, in contrary to what u shamefully announced to the media.
    Hey u all, watch and see. There will be no big wedding this time!

  6. @long island yid
    Your untrue and libelous comments are uncalled for. We get enough of this trash from the leftist brainless media.
    If you don’t know the facts, don’t distort them. Someone bashing a whole community like this with fake assumptions is a DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE.

  7. Perhaps he is doing us a favour, by reminding us that we’re in golus.

    It hurts when a Rebbishe chasesne gets cancelled. Or any chasesne, for that matter.

    What we should be pining for is the ultimate chasesne, where all tribes in klal Yisroel come together as one in the Geuloh sheleimo, bimheiro beyomeinu…

  8. 1st the murderer laments the old age home residents who died without family around, but conveniently forgot to mention whom had been savagely murdered by him.
    Then the fool totally ducked responding to the question of thousands attending protests as to why he has no problem with that.

  9. They were going to arrive later to say Mazal Tov. How many? A few thousand of course. No details on how that was going to follow the guidelines. That in itself is enough to turn the media circus in our direction. This must stop.

  10. Cuomo said “A day without protests is like a day without…..sunshine” Dont u think we should be nice and give him some sunshine?? Seriously now ..i dont know if he realized what he said but that was bad…

  11. The Governor is a competent and reasonable man. He views all New Yorkers as worthy of respect. I’m not sure I can say that about our communities more extreme members, who view both non-Jews and their laws with distain.

  12. Dont usually leave comments – but for people like markjw – please – see where your compassion and tolerance falls and where it doesnt it says a lot about you

  13. Long island yid, I see that you keep defending Cuomo. The guy is a big rasha and anti semite. why don’t you invite him to your family wedding? He didn’t even answer the question he was asked