SHOCKING VIDEO: Twitter CEO Does Not Consider Holocaust Denial As “Misinformation”


Amid a bipartisan shellacking from members of the Senate Commerce Committee just six days before the election, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained to Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) that Twitter only regulates misleading information about public health (coronavirus-related), election interference and voter suppression, and media manipulation.

“We don’t have a policy against misinformation. We have a policy against misinformation in three categories,” Dorsey said. “That is all we have policy on for misleading information.”

So false claims about the Holocaust are not censored or flagged because it does not fall under three specific misinformation categories that the social media giant regulates.

After months of censoring Tweets from President Trump.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey could not name another world leader who they have also censored.

“It’s strange to me that you’ve flagged tweets from the president but haven’t hidden the Ayatollah’s tweets on Holocaust denial or calls to wipe Israel off the map,” Gardner said. “Millions of people died and that’s not a violation of Twitter?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Holocaust denial is not “Misinformation” for this tech fascist because it does not damage Democrats reputation unlike explosive new revelation about Biden Crime Family.

  2. incorrect headline. although watching him lie in other areas makes me boil, he clearly says its misinformation but doesn’t censor it as its not in his categories of misinformation that he monitors . hes a horrible person though

  3. We may agree that the policy is insane, but that’s clearly not what he said. What he said was that it IS misinformation, they just don’t censor that type of misinformation. Please respect the intelligence of your readers and do not resort to clickbait headlines.

  4. I’m no fan of Jack, and I may not like Twitter’s 3 category policy, but he doesn’t deny that Holocaust deniers are guilty of misleading information; Twitter just has a policy regarding 3 categories…

  5. They just want their liberal agendas to be the “information” people are being fed to believe is the truth, otherwise they couldn’t care less about racism and violence.

  6. “judging by [Dorsey’s] beard he must belong to a xstian orthodox church sect
    Baby Jar: Judging by your comment, you must belong to some “flat earth” sect, to judge people’s religious affiliation by their beard. Dorsey grew up as a Catholic and went to a Catholic high school but does not currently profess affiliation with ANY religious group.

  7. Am I alone to think let everyone and write whatever they want?
    Why do we care if people deny the holocaust? Can we stop it? No. So what’s the difference?
    Do we care if people think the earth is flat?

    Enough. The only thing I would advocate for, is the ability of a user to control their OWN viewing preferences – like I don’t want to see X,Y,Z; or only only show me A,B,C.

    Twitter and social media should only be involved in tracking down criminal activity.

    Has your phone company ever hung up your call or de-platformed someone for speaking something THE PHONE COMPANY wasn’t happy with or didn’t agree with?

    Good ideas will ultimately triumph over bad ones.

  8. He said
    “Twitter only regulates misleading information about public health (coronavirus-related), election interference and voter suppression, and MEDIA MANIPULATION.”

    but Holocaust Denial is MEDIA MANIPULATION.

  9. Big deal, they don’t consider Joe Biden selling influence to be a crime either. It should be noted that many people do not regard taking bribes nor killing politically incorrect minorities to be a crime, so he is very consistent.