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Ivanka Trump Meets With Children From Misameach Organization [PHOTOS]

Lakewood, NJ – A group of children from the Misameach Organization had the opportunity to spend time with Ivanka Trump on Thursday.

Sources tell YWN that the event was arranged by Boris Epshteyn, the Strategic Advisor for Coalitions on the Trump 2020 Campaign.

The meeting took place in a hotel in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, where Ivanka was on the campaign for her father, just 5 days before Election Day.

The group consisted of children from the Tri-State area who are suffering from cancer as well as some special-needs children.

Ivanka interacted with the children, taking individual photos, signing autographs and speaking with each one.

The Misameach Organization was most grateful for the time she devoted to the children today.

Misameach is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to lifting the spirits of children and adults who are hospitalized, bedridden, have physical disabilities or are facing serious illness. Misameach has gained renown for bringing smiles, hope, and encouragement to hundreds of children and their families.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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