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READ THE LETTER: Agudath Israel Congratulates President-Elect Biden

Attached is a congratulatory letter from Agudath Israel of America to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

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  1. I’m sure the Aguda’s letter was approved by its rabbonim; I am most certainly not coming to criticize, chas veshalom. I just have a sincere kushya and I’m curious what the rabbonim would answer… My kushya is: I understand that the Aguda must keep warm bipartisan ties. However, in the name of yashrus, how can they be party to the left-promulgated lie that Mr. Biden is the President-elect?! According to the laws of this great country, Mr. Biden is nothing more than the probable eventual President-elect, pending the courts’ decisions. Additionally, it is obvious (as was said by Moreinu HoRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlit”a, in his now famous interview from Mishpacha’s R’ Yisroel Besser) that we owe a debt of hakoras hatov to President Trump. How can we “leave him to the wolves” and give him such a slap in the face, so to speak, by completely disregarding his legal right to challenge the election results (especially when there is clear evidence of at least a certain amount of fraud… though it may not be enough to sway the ultimate election outcome)?!

  2. Any signatures from Gedolom on it? Would like to see them. What is agudah going to do if Trump ends up winning? What will they tell him? Hakaras Hatov?

  3. Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors across the U.S. to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified.

  4. “How can we “leave him to the wolves” and give him such a slap in the face”‘

    Thats easy. We are not. He is sitting upstairs at the WH watching One America News reruns of Trump’s greatest hits while he tweets his little heart out blaming everyone except himself for his loss. His tweetlach are getting funnier by the hour. He just accused Pfizer of conspiring with the FDA swamp creatures to withhold release of the vaccine phase 3 trials until AFTER the election so as to depoliticize the results after HE had predicted the data would be released in the days just before the election. Its bad enough that less than half of Americans are currently intending to get vaccinated and he thinks his pressure to release results early will make them more confident of the safety and efficacy of a vaccine?? He claims to be a “stable genius” but in the past 72 hours he is destroying whats left of his legacy and pushing towards 25th Amendment territoryu

  5. Biden is President-Elect. He earned 306 electoral votes, the same number Trump got four years ago. No state is close enough to be reversed in a recount and in fact even if a recount flipped the only states in which Trump can ask for a recount, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada, Biden still wins with 274 electoral votes.

    The Republican Secretary of State and Lt. Governor of Georgia both say that there is no fraud. The Nevada Secretary of State is also a Republican and says there is no fraud — and she has cried out about fraud in previous years. Not this year. Former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says that Wisconsin’s count will not change.

    Biden is President-Elect.

  6. Agudah is stating the obvious. Rudy can spout his nonsense but even Republicans know that Trump lost fair and square. Responsible Republicans have congratulated Biden on his win. The lies about more votes than voters in Wisconsin, sharpies invalidating ballots in Nevada, RCP changing their call on PA, and CNN changing on AZ have all been proven false. Rudy made a fool of himself at Four Seasons Landscaping and now #Lawnandorder is trending everywhere. The game is up. Yasher Koach to Agudah for trying to get our kehilla to move on.

  7. Dina Malechusay Dina. The law of the land is the law. According to the USA law, there is not yet a legal winner of this election.

    In a contested election, it is not a good idea to take sides until the results are official. Especially against a friend. In a contested election the results may not be known until December. Consider the 2000 elections. Gore was up in November and lost in December.

    I therefore, as an Orthodox Rabbi, feel I must object. This Agudah letter does not speak on my behalf in this. It should not speak on any American Orthodox rabbi’s behalf unless the results of the election support it, which as of this moment has not yet occurred. Let justice be confirmed in whichever direction HaShem blesses, and then react as you wish. But to add to the pressure to give up the fight for clear justice that could better unite the nation, is not a kiddush HaShem to all who read this letter.

    Please remain the organization the Chofetz Chaim supported. I can’t imagine that he would have agreed with this! May HaShem bless President Trump, and may the true winner of the election soon be revealed so that the nation may united behind the results. Let our stance further justice and foster unity, not the very opposite.

    We should respect the winner of the election, whoever he may be.

    But the fairness of the voting tally must be shown, in order for this country to unite behind him.
    The allegations of voting fraud are multifarious and many of them are extremely compelling. No cynicism at the charges of fraud, please! Silence critics with evidence, not more allegations. Law leads to order. Lawlessness leads to anarchy.

    Let the charges be proven true or false. The losing side must know the veracity of the ultimate results.
    That is the only peaceful way to end this. I taught Political Science and American History at the collegiate level, and I’m not exaggerating.

  8. Agudah seems to be assuming that Joe Biden has been conclusively elected as President. What is the reason Agudah feels it has the right to sue the NY Governor in the courts in order to overturn his decision about closing Yeshivas and shuls whereas they do not seem to believe that President Trump has the right to sue for electoral voting fraud in order to overturn the ‘results’ of the election (declared by the media)?

  9. Just to clarify my previous comment. I am not ch’v challenging or criticising any decision by the Gedolim to write the letter of congratulations to Joe Biden. I am just asking why they have accepted that Biden won when there is a pending legal challenge?

  10. Presumably, the askanim did this for a reason, like to try to get Cuomo to leave the Jews alone.

    It otherwise makes no sense. Mr. Biden has not yet been certified as President-elect, despite the media insistence to that effect.

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