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Jerusalem Man Dies Shortly After Taking Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine

In the second case of its kind, a man in Israel died shortly after taking the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine in Israel. This instance took place on Tuesday night when an 88-year-old man collapsed in his Jerusalem home and was rushed to Hadassah Har HaTzofim Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The hospital emphasized that man was suffering from a number of very serious chronic illnesses and therefore, no connection is currently being made between his taking of the vaccine and his death a short time later.

According to Magen David Adom, the man collapsed at his house and was brought to the hospital while undergoing CPR. The ER doctors continued CPR efforts, however, the doctors were forced to pronounce his death a short time later after exhaustive efforts.

Yesterday a 49-year-old man suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction a few hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. He was taken to Terem and treated for the reaction there. The man said that he had an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin in the past but has no pre-existing illnesses. After being treated he quickly returned to being stable and was given a clean bill of health.

Also on Monday, a man in his 70s from the town of Beit Shean died of a heart attack two hours after receiving the injection. The Health Ministry made an official statement which said: “A 75-year-old man from northern Israel, who was suffering from cardiac illnesses as well as cancer, and had already suffered numerous heart attacks, was vaccinated against the Coronavirus and died at home a few hours after receiving the vaccine.”

The Ministry emphasized that CEO Professor Hezi Levy appointed a special committee to investigate the incident. “We partake in the sadness of the family. According to an initial report done in this tragic case, we cannot confirm a connection between the vaccine and the tragic incident. The vaccination push will continue.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I am NOT a doctor and am suggesting this solely as a layman. Perhaps it is not a good idea to give such a new vaccine to people with serious health issues (such as a 75 year old man who suffers from cardiac illness & cancer or an 88 year man who suffers from a number of very serious chronic illnesses). I understand that there are no easy answers and that these people are also at high risk for coronavirus. So there are no easy answers. So I raise it as a layman’s question.

  2. What a terribly irresponsible headline. Pure clickbait. Shame on YWN for posting something like this that will create fear about the vital vaccine.

  3. It is very important for elderly people with underlying health conditions and people with allergies to only be given the vaccine under medical supervision and wait at least one hour before going home. Most of the reactions happened within an hour or two after being given the vaccine. Let’s do this responsibly and with common sense.

  4. Interesting point to note: If a person is on their deathbed from cancer & then dies with covid detected in their system -the death is ruled as a covid death. If they are up & around, going to work etc, yet have diabetes, asthma or any other managed condition or are simply older & they suddenly die a few hours after taking the vaccine at their well visit -its definitely not connected to the vaccine, rather they died from their perfectly managed condition or old age. Absurd

  5. BD’E

    I’m very confused. This person is niftar In Yerushalaim suddenly had other issues that they’re trying to point for cause of death. However until now they’ve been looking for reasons to blame it on the Chinese virus.

    So now it doesn’t get blamed on the virus? Don’t kid yourself They are injecting you with virus, that’s the point of a vaccine. So which way is it?

  6. “The hospital emphasized that man was suffering from a number of very serious chronic illnesses and therefore, no connection is currently being made between his taking of the vaccine and his death a short time later.”

    A couple weeks ago had he died they would have said, ” even though he suffered from a number of chronic illnesses, it was Covid-19 that killed him.”


  7. To BallHabooze: Seems like you’ve been imbibing a little too much.
    To Jersey Jew: These vaccines do not contain the virus.

    To Bunny76: In the USA the hospitals receive a larger reimbursement if the patient dies from Covid-19 so they blame every death that they remotely can on the virus. The unfortunate side effect is that he number of people said to have died from the virus gets inflated.

    Note that anyone with a history of heart attacks can be get a heart attack from any type of excessive strain or excitement, be it good news or bad news or something else. It would be reasonable to say that the experience of having gotten the vaccine may have triggered the heart attack, not the vaccine itself.

  8. Jersey Jews

    “I’m very confused”

    Thats ok here to answer all your questions!

    The death rate for those aged 75-8 is ~ 4000 per 100,000 in a year (in the US I assume Israel is similar granted they have a better healthcare system so I rounded down the figure)
    this comes out to 11 a day.
    With me?

    Israel vaccinated 152,000 people on Tuesday (Times of Israel)
    You “expect” 17 or s0 (11/100,000) to die “Only ” one dies that day. IF anything the vaccine is protecitve!

    Of course this used a lot of rounding but the point is that 1 person dieing the day he happen to get a vaccien is meaningless. Same for the guy who had a car accident and the guy who won the lottery.

    ” suddenly had other issues”

    He didnt suddenly have other issues, he had the issues before.

    “So now it doesn’t get blamed on the virus?”

    Why would it , he didnt have the virus?

    “Don’t kid yourself They are injecting you with virus,”
    Thyre not

    ” that’s the point of a vaccine.”

    The opposite, the point is to prevent you from gettign the virus.

    ” So which way is it?”
    It is good for you.

    Hope tis helps.

    Never shy from asking questions

  9. “this vaccine…..they’re playing with our life.”

    That is correct. The people who are irresponsibly trying to discourage people from getting vaccinated are trying to continue both mass death and economic destruction.

    “They are injecting you with virus, that’s the point of a vaccine. ”

    In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, that is a lie. There is no virus in them. Try learning some science before embarrassing yourself again. The fact that you call it “the Chinese virus” makes one suspect that you aren’t interested, though.

  10. It’s a rather amazing phenomenon.

    If someone with comorbidities dies and had tested positive for Covid or was “suspected” of having covid, whether or not the person had any Covid symptoms, they were listed as a Covid death; this was the case even if they recuperated from Covid weeks earlier.

    Here, we have the opposite reaction. Someone with comorbidities gets the shot and dies shortly thereafter and we are told it has nothing to do with the shot.

    A doctor who is responsible for overseeing those giving the shots already made headlines warning that if we see elderly people dying a day or two after the shot we should know that it has nothing to do with the shot. Even if a lot die. Is that doctor a navi, does she have ruach hakodesh?

    Incidentally, one of the two people from the vaccine arm of the Pfizer trials died and it was attributed to his being immune suppressed from before the trial began – so why will we give it to immune suppressed people?

  11. @ shomer shabbat – the two people who died in Israel from the shot died hours after – one two hours later and one several hours later.

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