Chief Rabbi Lau Suspends Dayan Who Refused To Be Vaccinated

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau receiving the coronavirus vaccine. Also pictured is UTJ MK Yitzchak Pindrus.

Chief Rabbi HaRav Dovid Lau, who also serves as the Nasi of the Beis Din HaGadol, suspended a dayan on Tuesday due to the fact that he refused to be vaccinated.

“HaRav Lau believes that it is obligatory for all dayanim to be vaccinated, and as long as it is legally viable, dayanim who are not vaccinated cannot serve in their positions and endanger those who use the Beis Din,” a statement from Rav Lau’s office said.

The dayan served on the Beis Din responsible for the giyur of IDF soldiers.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Tuesday morning that by the end of the day, four million Israelis will be vaccinated with at least the first dose of the vaccine. As of Tuesday morning, 2,612,000 Israelis had received both doses of the vaccine.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Kidush Hashem is apparently anything “remember that” agrees with.

    Medical tyrany, stripping people of autonomy over their body, intimidating people into medical interventions is horrendous breach of human rights and basic morality.

    Doctors and science has made many mistakes. They have committed horrid crimes against humanity through generations by forcing their will on people.

    Each human reserves the right to make their own choices and their own mistakes for that mmatter. Just becauseyou are so sure that you are right, you cannot force your opinion on people. When people use their authority like this, it is the furthest thing possible from Kidush Hashem. This is abuse of power.

  2. I’m sure rabbi Lau will now justify his position by issuing a detailed and referenced responsa to peer review. I wonder if the employment tribunal he will soon be facing will consider it admissable.

  3. ipchamistabra: I think that sounds a little prejudicial. Has he ever done those things before!? Watch how you speak of gedolim far beyond your pay grade.
    HOWEVER, BIG HOWEVER…i do RESPECTFULLY question whether (if this story is even accurate, which it indeed may not be), such an action is not an overstep of the boundaries of his legal authority?
    Indeed, one cannot even base a psak din, never mind a legal order, on hearsay, aka secondhand-received evidence claiming to be a firsthand witness. A person presenting such evidence even if true (!) Is called an עד שקר, as in the recently read 10 Commandments.
    I trust the Rav knows this. There’s got to be more to this story. If it is what’s been reported, I shake my head in sadness.
    The evidence I would want if i were involved would be at the very least:
    1. Number of cases of Corona caught in an Israeli Beis Din session during which all present were distanced and wearing masks.
    2. This man’s health history and reasons for his desiring to opt out of a vaccination. His reasons are certainly going to be based on at least as potentially valid info as the info the Rav based his order on…
    3. Testing for Corona or antibodies before a scheduled session at some reasonable interval should be plenty.