NY Governor Cuomo Says Overnight Summer Camps Can Plan On Reopening


NY Governor Cuomo says summer camps can plan on reopening this summer.

Cuomo made the announcement at Wednesday’s press conference.

“As of now, overnight summer camps can plan on reopening. That doesn’t happen until June and we hope the current trajectory stay until June 1. We’re keeping an eye on these variants of interest, but they can plan on reopening.”

Beginning March 26th, indoor family entertainment centers can reopen, Cuomo says. Outdoor amusement parks can reopen on April 9.



  1. Of-course cuomo knows full verse that this is totally academic & moot point from his perspective, because he full well realizes that by june he shall have been impeached & removed from office, for murder & lying to Department of Justice.

  2. @147

    Learn how the system works before posting FALSE information.

    Governor Cuomo is a state official. The Department of Justice is a Federal Agency. IF, the NY State Legislature should choose to bring an impeachment action against the Governor, it won’t include supposed lying to a federal agency. Furthermore, if there is to me a murder charge, it would be brought by a District Attorney seeking an indictment from a Grand Jury and a trial in State Criminal Court.

    But keep on spewing your nonsense, if it makes you feel good.

  3. ” by june he shall have been impeached & removed from office, for murder & lying to Department of Justice”
    And by July, you will have completed a basic Civics course (online of course). Even the Republicans have acknowledged the don’t have the votes for impeachment. Also, states generally don’t remove their chief executives for federal crimes, even if Cuomo had “lied to the Feds” which he obviously didn’t. He did mislead the STATE legislature which would logically be the basis for an article of impeachment under the NYS Constitution.