INSANITY IN BORO PARK: Two MTA Buses Gridlock 13th Ave As They Fight With Each Other [SEE THESE VIDEOS]


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The attached videos are were taken in Boro Park on Thursday, as two veteran MTA bus drivers refused to move for each other – both claiming that they had the “right of way”.

It happened on 13th Avenue and 39th Street, just a week before Pesach, as traffic is substantially higher than usual.

Two two drivers bickered and yelled at each other, while the entire area turned into gridlock for close to THIRTY MINUTES! The arrogant drivers refused to budge, until stuck motorists managed to convince the drivers to finally move.

At one point, one driver yelled at someone taking videos of the incident. The driver then changed his attitude, and asked if the man had taken a nice picture of him.

“Send it to Channel 2 News”, the driver said.

Well, it’s not CBS, but it’s YWN!


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The driver heading East on 39th Street was in the wrong, and certainly needs to be suspended if not terminated.
    Knowing the intersection extremely well, my synopsis is definitely correct.

  2. Obviously they didn’t have clear guidance from their union as who should yield for whom. So everyone is stuck.
    I personally had the same exact story with a car service on 16th Avenue also yesterday. A truck was making a delivery so the cars had to go around the truck. This worked well until a car service driver decided he’s not moving over for the car coming towards him (I was the second car) All the pleading to him to move over didn’t help. There was plenty of room for him to go. So everyone stayed stuck until a truck in back of me backed up Which was a little dangerous and I was ale to back out. Some people have no common sense.

  3. no one wants to drive these double buses thru those blocks before pesach – u cant imagine , but to block that intersection for 30 min!!! even 5min causes gridlock beyond for blocks

  4. I can’t imagine the stress of driving a double bus in Boro park this week, cut him some slack. You simply can NOT drive those without needing some extra room.
    I had a similar incident where a school bus, labeled as Skvere decided to jump in my way as I was driving past a double parked truck. We were locked in for minutes. I finally decided to back up but every foot I backed up the school bus aggressively came closer to me, measured in inches. I can handle most situations but this guy was nuts.

  5. It really doesn’t matter who’s “right”. It’s about maturity. Whoever can back up safely should do so.
    They made their egos more important than remedying the problem and transporting people.

    Vehicles should also be prevented from reaching the actual corner by the light on 39th street, since a double length bus turning from 13th avenue needs to enter partially into the lane of oncoming traffic to be able to turn the corner. This is how gridlock is prevented in other locations. It needs to be set up here as well. Hopefully, someone will catch wind of this.

  6. Driving, and especially parking, has the din of kol diolam gvar, in this town. Nothing personal. It’s just the mitzius. In these inyanim, “good guys finish last”. 100%. You can’t be a neb. You snooze, you lose. It’s a tough place to operate a vehicle. Not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade it for any other place. This is where it’s at.

  7. They were actually both wrong
    The bus turning onto 39th st from 13th ave. should have seen the problem before he made the turn.
    (he later claimed that double buses lock while making sharp turns and are unable to back, I do not know if that is true).
    The bus on 13th ave. should not have passed the stop here on red sign that is at that intersection to allow buses to turn
    (He seemed scared to back only did it after realizing he had no choice, and five people promising to help him back the five ft. needed).