Israeli Ship Damaged by Iranian Missile in Arabian Sea


A cargo vessel belonging to an Israeli freight company was struck by a missile fired by Iranian forces. The ship, which was sailing in the Arabian Sea was on its way from Tanzania to India.

According to a report on Channel 12 news, when the ship passed in close proximity to Iran on its voyage, a missile struck the ship, causing it severe damage.

The ship’s crew reported the incident immediately to the operating company, whose headquarters sit in Haifa. The company passed on the incident report to Israeli security forces.

It is still unclear just how bad the damage to the ship truly is. It is known that the ship can still make sail and is doing so attempting to reach port in India. Likewise, no injuries were reported.

The company’s management together with Israeli security forces decided to allow the ship to continue on its journey to India, where it will dock and undergo an extensive damage check and repairs.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)