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SEE THESE TWO VIDEOS: Fox News Star Geraldo Rivera Blasts Israel On Hannity And MacCallum

Longtime Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera continued to blast Israel and demand a ceasefire in two segments. One of them resulted in a screaming match Wednesday night with conservative pundit Dan Bongino on Sean Hannity’s program.

Hours earlier, Rivera went on Martha MacCallum’s show to tell the world that he U.S. is complicit in an “ongoing crime against humanity”.

Martha MacCallum kicked off her Fox News segment Wednesday by saying to Rivera, “It sounds like you are sympathetic to [Congresswoman Rashida] Talib’s argument here.”

“I am indeed, Martha,” Rivera responded.

He directly said it’s “outrageous” that the United States “gave Israel these hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons without insisting on a ceasefire now.”

Rivera went on to again criticize U.S. policy and say “Tlaib is right”:

“We have dozens of Palestinian children who have been killed in the last week with American bombs. I have no proposed solution to this conflict… I know this, though, Martha. I want our audience — the fact that the United States of America is providing Israel many of the weapons Israel is using today to kill Palestinian civilians without even demanding a ceasefire, Tlaib is right, that makes us complicit in an ongoing crime against humanity.”

On Hannity’s program, Rivera made a point of starting by highlighting “the fact that Palestinians are being killed at the rate of 15 or 20 times the death toll among the Israelis, including children.”

As Bongino answered his outrageous claims, Rivera literally crumpled up a a piece of paper into a ball and threw it at the camera as he shouted, “I’m sick of you, Bongino! I’m sick of you! You’re a punk!”

Rivera even turned his back to the camera at one point.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

18 Responses

  1. Geraldo ym”s is an anti semite plain and simple

    I heard him a different time on Hannity’s radio show calling out Frum yidden for not enlisting and now we see he hates Israel to boot

    He should just call himself what he really is….. a democrat

  2. And why did police raid the mosque? Because Arabs were rioting and throwing stones at police and down to the western wall complex. But it’s always the half story that people look at.

  3. Liberalism is a CANCER!

    These people are almost beyond repair.

    Their minds are are totally corrupt and unfortunately they are corrupting the minds of the youth.

    Night is day
    Boy is girl
    Terrorist is the good guy
    Good is Evil
    Right is wrong

    It looks like we are reaching the end!

    This will get cleaned up, hopefully soon and with no Yiddisher casualties

  4. Sure, just let rockets land on your civilian residents and sit still. Sad thing? American money also paid for the Hamas rockets. Relief money from all around the world poured into tunnels and rockets. Israel as a legitimate sovereign state with a real army for protection buys weapons legally… Hamas buys it with relief money for terrorists… but he’s going to complain that American money went for their defense?

  5. Jews need to realize Rupert Murdoch is not our friend. British Sky News is even more antisemitic than the BBC. Australian Sky News often picks out leftist Jews as targets even when they have many, many targets to choose from. Which you may not realize, but to the world Jews are one. NYP if you pay attention has never been a friend to the Jews it always both sides the Jews even in a city that Jews basically put on the map over the past 150 years. Fox News is lukewarm on Jews if you pay attention. It’s crazy, but tiny OAN and Newsmax which are owned by Americans can be worked with more than a global conglomerate mogul like Murdoch.

  6. And what is his explanation of the clip where the soldiers exited the bus 30 seconds before the missile hit! Israeli fault! So what he’s popular! He’s got Hispanic saychel!

  7. the only reply is that I believe YWN must comment on the ongoing atrocities as well….presently YWN I see you as a contender….May all Jews in America come home if not you are creating a crime against Hashem….we have a country and this is where you belong….not Ariel Gold

  8. Could someone, ie YWN, tell that mamzer Rivera that he’s absolutely right in saying that Israel controls electricity and all in Gaza: Israel PROVIDES the Gaza residents with utilities, FREE of charge. The would not have electricity otherwise. These are the facts on the ground.
    Stop twisting the truth Rivera. You are a pathetic example of a man.
    Israel gives hours of warning before bombing in Gaza so they can evac. Then the Pals hide behind their babes, using them as shields to arouse world sympathy for the “:crimes against humanity”. Do the Pals give warning? NO. Why don’t you educate yourself before mouthing off…then having a tantrum on the air, a clear indication that you are NOT speaking the truth!
    Rashida Talib is an animal, and not a very smart one.

  9. Wow.someone should tell this self hating jew(if he really is one) that those Palestinian children he worries about would be so glad to get a chance to kill him!! They would not care that he supported them.To them a jew is a jew!

  10. In Mashiach’s days, the truth will be hidden. As others have commented above, the world is totally nuts with falsehoods, including when it comes to Zionism.

    Zionism is evil and anti-Torah. Judaism is diametrically opposed to Zionism, and it would be better for the Jews if all the gentiles knew that.

    The Zionist invasion of the holy land a century ago is ultimately the cause of this world-wide mess of Arab-Zionist wars and related protests and the like world-wide.

    However, it would be very foolish of the Zionists if they were to intentionally target any civilians with any weapons, American or otherwise. So Mr. Rivera’s claims seem very unlikely.

  11. World goes crazy!

    Democrat response: But Jan 6…
    HaKatan response: Zionism blah blah blah
    Our response: Shema Yisroel…

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