DEVELOPING: Bennet Receives Party’s Support To Join Lapid Government; To Become Prime Minister


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Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has met with his party’s lawmakers on Sunday, and received their backing to join a Lapid-led government .

If the deal with Lapid goes through, this will end the more than 12 year rule by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bennett has scheduled a press conference on Sunday night, where he intends to announce that he is joining the so-called “Change Bloc” and serve as the prime minister for the first two years.


  1. A government with Lapid will have no קיום. All the predecessors who tried to rule without the religious parties in their coalition, were met with ill fate. It’s not a curse, it’s a fact.

  2. Where are all the MOFSIM? Gimmel!! 4 times! Whats going on? Whata בלבל המוחות!
    Oy is d heliga Satmar Rav Zarzal getecht geveyn.
    Albeit theyre all the same פושעים, its a new and updated dangerous version of a real פושע ישר׳.
    May H guide his children in His holy path and these רשעים nit hav a שליטה on us.

  3. See this as a prime example of the horrendous power of GAYVAH!
    What ever principles Bennett ever claimed that he had are all “out the window” when he has a chance at POWER. Little does he realize that he will only fulfill his dream in title only. The real power and policy-making will be in the hands of the “Lapid-led” coalition. Thus, the government will have a “kippah-seruga” wearing face, but will actually be the most anti-religious, left-leaning coalition in Israel’s history!
    Biden has a government that all the AOC’s and Sanders will praise and manipulate.
    Hamas is certainly laughing R”L

  4. One of the hard questions begged by this coalition is, how long can it last? The coalition has extreme left and extreme right members, which may blow apart the coalition in a matter of months. Or, if the coalition wants to hold onto power, the extreme members will put their extreme demands on hold, and the government may focus on pressing domestic issues, and defense. This might be good for the Jews – all Jews. So put down your groggers and see what actually happens.

  5. Rif, once the government is a reality how long do you think it will be before the charedim decide to join? Bennett openly invites them to do so, and expects it to happen eventually. And once it does he can ditch Meretz.