NONE ARE CHAREIDI: These Are The Five Cities In Israel With The Highest Number of COVID Cases

Illustrative. MDA mobile vaccination unit (Photo: MDA)

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A positive trend has emerged amid the rise of Coronavirus cases in Israel, that there has not been even a single death related to the virus documented in the country in the past two weeks. According to a report from the Health Ministry, in spite of the 501 newly diagnosed people with COVID in the past day, as well as the 38 people currently in serious condition around the country, not a single death was reported.

During the month of June, only 7 people died as a result of having contracted the disease, the last of which passed away on June 23rd. This is the lowest number of deaths related to the virus in a single month since March 2020.

There are currently 3,102 active cases of the virus in Israel. More than ten percent of that number live in Tel Aviv, which is currently ranked as the city with the most infected people in the country with 356 active cases. Another 164 active cases have been documented in Petach Tikvah, 139 in Kfar Saba, 118 in Herzliya, 105 in Kfar Yona, 94 in Rishon LeZion, 94 in Netanya, and 88 in Ma’aleh Adumim. Out of all those, only Ma’aleh Adumim is considered to be a red city according to the traffic-light-regulation. Jerusalem has ranked 13th on the list with a total of 47 active cases, and not a single Chareidi city, has ranked anywhere in the top twenty.

Among the Chareidi cities that do not have a single reported case of the virus are Tzefat, Immanuel, Kiryat Yearim, and Modi’in Illit.

According to the Education Ministry, some 1,312 students and 96 staff members have tested positive for Corona. More than a third (457) of those are students high-school students who finished their studies two weeks ago. 56 percent are students in elementary school (733) and another 9 percent (122) are children in kindergarten or daycare. As a result, 18,372 students and 197 teachers are in self-quarantine.

In the meantime, the plague has not skipped over the Knesset as the parliamentary counsellor for MK Ram Shefa had contracted the disease.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m uncomfortable with the title of this article. I understand it’s intentions but Heaven forbid, how can I take pleasure in some towns being Covid free while in others my brothers and sisters still suffer?!

    I am considered chareidi, which means I consider all Jewish people to be equally precious.

  2. No it just means that the chareidim might be spreading the prevention and treatment information better. They also might be jabbing less which causes spread and variants

  3. I agree with kuchlefel, its like saying we don’t care about people who are not chareidi, when in fact if we are Torah observant we do.

  4. Intersting, no body of the chilonim are complaining now,if it would be chareidim it would be the opposite.
    And Tel Aviv is knonw as a chiloni center and they anyway do what they want

  5. To kuchlefel You’re missing the point. No one is taking pleasurer in anyone getting sick, But when cities like Bnei Brak were rife with covid the leftist had plenty to say about us.

  6. Not so poshut.
    The data only tracks REPORTED cases.
    In many haredi communities, including in the US, most cases are not reported.
    People don’t want to quarantine or be contact-traced, so they either get tested under a fake name or don’t get tested at all.

  7. Kuchlefel
    You are missing the point
    Last time round everyone blamed the chareidim for not keeping to the rules and because of the chareidim the outbreak spread and grew.
    This time round when its not the chareid cities it disproves the whole accusation and shows how its nothing to do with lack of adhering to the rules.
    Its nothing to do with caring for some and not caring for others. Its politics and hate mongering being disproved