WATCH THIS: Security Drags MK Ben-Gvir Off Knesset Podium After Calling Tibi “Terrorist”, Refused To Call Him “Adoni Yoshev Rosh”


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Some epic drama unfolded in the Kensset on Monday evening, after MK Itamar Ben-Gvir refused to address MK Ahmad Tibi as “Adoni Yoshev Rosh”, and was dragged out by security.

Tibi was sitting in for Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy, when Ben-Gvir took to the podium.

Tibi was offended that Ben-Gvir broke with protocol and did not start off by saying “Adoni (my master) Yoshev Rosh”.

The following is part of the exchange, as translated by YWN:

BG: Minister. members of Knesset…

TIBI: I’m sorry, but it’s accepted to say “Adoni Yoshev Rosh”.

BG: You are not my master. You are not master. Show me where this protocol.

TIBI: This is the law.

BG: Show me the rule. Show me the rules (that say I need to address you that way).

TIBI: You are not addressing me properly.

BG: Who are you at all? You are a terrorist. You should be in the Knesset in Syria, not here.

TIBI: I request that (security) remove Ben Gvir from the podium.

BG: I will not go down. I will not go down. You are a terrorist. You don’t tell me that I can’t talk.

At this point, security begins dragging Ben-Gvir out of the Knesset, but he manages to break free and get back to the podium. A moment later, additional security guards arrive and escort him out of the Knesset.

Ben-Gvir immediately took to Twitter and wrote: “There is no clause in the Knesset regulations that requires saying sir to whoever is conducting the yeshiva, certainly not if he is a terrorist who was Arafat’s adviser and should be in the Syrian parliament. Tibi illegally used his authority to evict me, so I demanded that the Knesset Speaker dismiss his deputy Tibi. Anyone who uses ushers as a tool for political blows will not be the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. BG is an absolute idiot and reminds me a bit of Heshy Tischler but without any of the charm. There are rules of procedure and civility even in the Knesset and he will hopefully be penalized for his outburst.

  2. I’m no fan of Tibi’s but if Israel wants to be a democracy then there’s law and order. It was proper to forcefully remove Ben Gvir.

  3. I don’t see the initial verbal exchange in the clip. But judging from the transcript here, Ben-Gvir legitimately began speaking to the audience and it was Tibi who interrupted him with demands. But more interesting is that he excuse for removing him was because he called on person a terrorist. I remember not that long ago when Arab MKs (among other leftists) called the ENTIRE COUNTRY (including the MKs and IDF) terrorists.

  4. @gadolhadorah
    While I agree that there are rules for civility I kinda hear Mr. Ben-Gvir’s argument. I would be interested to know why you think calling a person who has excused and even honored people who have murdered innocent Jews “your honor” falls under the category of civility.

  5. @the idiotic first 2 posters.
    what the @#&??

    there’s no law that he broke. tibi broke the law (and order). what comparison to tishler? this was provoked, a single truthful retort.

  6. BG is a צדיק. Not a sellout . It is important for our youth today to see the צורה of an אדם גדול and an עהרליכע איד. When the LR said to vote for the frum party he for sure meant BG. Unfortunately Dr. BA was not allowed to run.

  7. yabia and gadol:

    is it indeed the law that he has to refer to him as adoni yoshev rosh? if not, then there didn’t seem to be a legal justification to remove him.

    the really issue is having a member of the PLO/Arafat cabal sitting in the knesset and not prison.

    if you were truly a gadol hatorah or truly embodied the spirit of chacham ovadia you would know that.

  8. Oy Lanu that an Arab is in a position in the Israeli Knesset to tell a Jew what to do. Oy Lanu that an Arab can have a Jew evicted from the Israeli Knesset, whether or not it is according to protocol or Knesset rules.

  9. Typical liberals like GodolHadorah say BG is wrong. By default you can assume the opposite is true.

    We are living in a time where there is NO MORE TRUTH!

    Boy can decide to be a girl
    A Goy can decide he is a yid (not going through a proper Geirus)
    Eretz Yisroel – was never Jewish
    You can be a Jew without Hashem and his Torah
    Kosher is in the eyes of the beholder
    An Arab, Jew hating terrorist can be the Yoshev Rosh for a Jewish Knesset
    Liberal say that is right and appropriate and if a Jew protest, then he should be dragged out of the Jewish Knesset

  10. @HaKatan (The Little One… good name)

    Does your Rebbe/Rosh Yeshiva know you troll Internet sites looking to denounce Israel? I wonder what other sites you visit.

  11. To HaKatan: Zionists are a pathetic joke? Really? So why is there a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael? The UN just declared a Jewish state because they love Jews?