WATCH: Taliban Celebrates With Massive Parade With Billions Of Dollars In Military Equipment Gifted By President Biden


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The day after a defiant Joe Biden deemed his Afghanistan exit a “success” – the Taliban did a little celebrating of their own, holding a ‘victory’ parade in the streets of Kandahar featuring the Taliban army’s new ‘toys’.

“The Taliban Wednesday paraded some of the military hardware they captured during their takeover of Afghanistan,” AFP wrote in confirming the spectacle that mocked the whole US debacle of a twenty year occupation that ended in handing over billions of dollars in military equipment.

The parade even included a helicopter flying over a long line of Humvees decked out with the white and black Taliban flags.


  1. Immorality has killed the US. People’s minds are too corrupted to think normally getting a weak, senile and incompetent president in office AND woke dumb generals in a woke dumb army.

  2. Why would this surprise us, after all this same demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS Marxist America hating DemonRat making believe he is President, when he was Vice President he was the only rat in Obama’s cabinet who voted against killing that monster Bin Ladin.
    And let’s not forget, this same treasonous sewer rat when he was part of the Obama regime, they illegaly loaded in the middle of the night plane loads of cash and gold,and sent it to the murderous Iranian Mullah’s

  3. trump is the one who started this, by signing an agreement with the reshoim, the taliban, to get out of afghanistan by may 1. and you think that would have been a peaceful transition. i got a bridge i can sell you, cheap.

  4. Trump would of not left weapons or Americans there. He would remove everyone first including all weapons. I don’t really care because let the enemies of our people fight each other.

  5. For all the liberals who keep commenting the same insane thing on every Afghanistan article. TRUMP wanted to get America out of Afganistan, he never signed that he will take out the army first and leave US equipment and US allies to the Taliban. TRUMP was on assign to end wars, this move by Biden will bring about horror wars and suffering unless some miracle happens.
    And just remember how easily Biden canceled everything Trump has signed. How dare you blame it on Trump.