SEE THIS: Chareidim Dress Like Armed Arabs During Chasunah Dancing


On videos that circulated throughout social media this past week, Chareidi Yeshiva students can be seen dancing at a wedding to the sounds of Arab music, while in the middle of the circle numerous Chareidi yeshiva students danced while dressed like Arabs armed brandishing rifles.

After numerous attempts to figure out exactly what was taking place, the BeChadrei Charedim news site set forth to uncover the truth behind the incident that spread widely on the internet.

According to their report, the wedding took place in the Sequoia wedding hall in the town of Ma’aleh HaHamisha, and the armed Arabs that were seen in the video were actually Chareidi yeshiva students from the yeshiva in Meitzad, who put on Arab dress and brandished toy rifles that were intended to look like real ones.

The participant who spoke to BeChadrei Charedim added that the dance was planned in advance, and the students had been practicing for it for a number of days, all in honor to bring joy to the Chosson and Kallah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. In what possible alternative universe would these idiots believe that impersonating armed terrorists dancing as we often see after attacks would bring joy to any normal chasan/kakah??

  2. How does dressing like goyim, acting like goyim, dancing like goyim and playing goyish music mesameach anyone? These kids look very far from Chareidim. I’m not talking about those dressed like goyim acting like vilde chayos and brandishing what looks like murderous weapons. I’m talking about the other people there with yarmulkas. Virtually none of them are dressed like Chareidim, even in that slightest.

  3. Improper.

    Was Daas Torah consulted about it?

    Simchas Chosson VeKallah is not a blank check to do anything.

    Such stunts are dangerous and send dangerous messages. Just like children should not play with toy weapons that appear real (tragedies have resulted from such things, Hashem yeracheim), so too should older young people and adults abstain from such antics.

  4. Very poor taste! Just ask the families of the victims to Arab terrorism!

    Imagine a Chasunah that had a Nazi theme complete with Storm Troopers and Schutzstaffel!

  5. Sick, Sick and misguided. I am hoping the next article states that the boys doing this are sanctioned and regret their actions. OTOH, if this is was planned and practiced for days, they are over Bitul Zman Torah. That “dance” is a poor show for their invested time and energies.

  6. I donโ€™t understand how anyone could think this would bring joy to a chosson and kalla?! What if somebody at that wedding was related to one of the thousands of Jews who was murdered by an armed Palestinian? Are we living in the same country?!?!

    We describe the kedusha of Hakodosh Boruch Hu at a chasuna with the words She’Hasimcha Bim’ono. That means that simcha is in His high place and that we are unifying with Him thru our simcha. How can there ever be any true simcha by dancing around dressed like evil murderers with their cursed weapons?

  8. I don’t see a problem with dressing like Arabs. People always dress in all kinds of costumes at weddings. You can’t compare this to Nazis whos very existence was about murdering Jews. It is the guns that I think are distasteful and almost glorifies the Arab violence. I understand young people not thinking this through but it looks to me like there are adults in the group who should have been smarter.

  9. Poor taste aside, is it farfetched to imagine a scenario whereby an armed wedding guest could’ve seen them entering, mistaken them for the real thing and shot them dead?

  10. this video caused major misunderstanding
    i heard this so called yeshiva is trying to be a home for problem kids
    some of these youngsters may improve their behavior one day
    at this stage they definitly need alot of guidence and warmth

  11. @minskerchassid ask an arab. This song is played in almost every arabic weeding….. I just dont know the correct title. They sing about happiness…….. It’s super famous

  12. I can’t wait till PURIM…..what will we think of next, I am not ashamed of this venue at all___we always dress like our enemies or frenemies and so now we enter this era of fools and LGBTQ….this is embarrassing, now our Yidden getting married expanding our jewish souls….bless them who yearn to dance and make fun of what we don’t admire

  13. Everyone calm down. Absolutely nothing wrong with this. It’s simply an original wedding shtick. Anyone there can tell they are clearly toy guns. Chosson is clearly enjoying himself and that is all that matters. The only sickening thing here is all those comparing this to Nazi uniforms. Absolutely nothing in common! Well done! Good shtick! Very proud of these bochurim!