WATCH IT: Massive ‘Professional’ Burglary In Stamford Hill Silver Store


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Joseph’s Silver Store in Stamford Hill, London, was the victim of a professional burglary early Thursday morning.

Security camera footage provided to YWN by Shomrim show a vehicle arrive at the store on Stamford Hill Road at around 3:20AM. Four occupants exit the vehicle, one with a heavy saw, and gain access to the establishment in seconds.

The burglars are seen filling large bags with thousands of dollars in merchandise such as silver menorah’s, candelabras etc.

The suspects managed to execute the entire heist in around 3 minutes.

Both Shomrim and the Police were on the scene in under 3 minutes, but the suspects were gone.

A heavy investigation is underway.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What a brazen robbery!! And a bus goes by, people walk by… But the truth is, nobody would start with four monsters like these.
    Another truth, the silver is not worth so much on the ‘black’ market, and only Jews will buy it (menoros), and it got damaged in the robbery too.