The So Called “Hatzalah” In Palm Beach, And Why Chevra Hatzalah Has Threatened To Sue Them


While in most cases, if a new Hatzalah organization wanted to open in a city, that does not have an active Hatzalah already operating in it, it would be celebrated by all. Allegedly, this is not the case in Palm Beach. Far from it.

YWN has thoroughly investigated and was shocked to find out that despite allegedly being rejected by the local Boca Raton Rabbonim as well as by Chevra Hatzolah, which holds the trademark license, granting the rights to use the name Hatzolah (in all forms of spelling) in the U.S., Palm Beach went ahead and announced to the public via WhatsApp that they are “live” anyways. A shocking breach of basic respect for the local Vaad Harabbonim of Boca Raton who were blindsided by the announcement.

Further review of the “license agreement” with Palm Beach County, states clearly they have “Special Secondary Service” in THREE housing developments, none of which are in Boca or anywhere near the Boca communities they claim to serve. In several news interviews, the president of “Hatzalah Palm Beach” claims to “bridge the gap” until an Ambulance arrives on scene. In an emergency situation, the caller would first need to call 911 and then Hatzalah. No Hatzalah ambulance would be dispatched because this group is not authorized to transport patients and has no license for ambulances.

According to Chevra Hatzolah, first and foremost to begin the process of opening a new Hatzalah chapter, local rabbinic support is necessary, which they allegedly have not received. Second, is the approval and licensing agreement granted by “Central” Chevra Hatzolah, which they did not obtain.

Chevra Harzalah leadership together with its senior Posek, Harav Dovid Cohen Shlita met with the Vaad Harabbonim of Boca and expressed their grave concerns about this new group, to which the Rabbonim agreed on the need to shut it down. The leadership of “Hatzalah” Palm Beach allegedly ignored the Rabbonim as well.

The public must know that multiple efforts were tried to find an amicable solution. All were rebuffed by the Palm Beach group. Hatzoloh leadership in consultation and direction of Gedolei Hador and the guidance of its Rabbincal Leadership of Chevra Hatzolah (Vaad Harabanim), were advised to do whatever is needed, to protect the trademarked name of Hatzolah including proceeding with legal action.



To conclude, today’s WhatsApp world cannot and should not be the vehicle to create a new Hatzalah organization without the basic underpinning and leadership of a Vaad Harabbonim’s approval and guidance. Chevra Hatzalah in NY, the largest volunteer ambulance organization in the world, has such Torah luminaries as Rav Dovid Cohen, the Bobover Dayan, Rav Elya Brudney, Rav Reuven Feinstein, the Bobover Dayan, Rav Avrohom Meshulem Polatsek and other senior poskim guiding the organizations Vaad Harabbonim today. This isn’t a new phenomenon. The late Gadol Hador Rav Moshe Feinstein Z’TL himself once led this very same Vaad as did his son the posek hador, Rav Dovid Feinstein Z’TL for over 30 years. It is expected and understood that the very basics of Hatzalah leadership requires the organizations leaders to answer to Daas Torah. This is a must and not an inconvenient afterthought. Every single Hatzalah entity in America including NYC, Lakewood, Rockland, Baltimore, Kiryas Yoel, Chicago, Texas, and the state licensed and fully operational Hatzalah of South Florida, adhere to this foundational principle of Daas Torah guidance. Those that ignore or those that go against Daas Torah cannot be entrusted to represent the Palm Beach County Jewish community or call themselves “Hatzalah”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m not at all familiar with the situation.
    But the tone of the article is so biased that I cant help but assume there is another side to the story.
    And the use of the words הכרת הטוב and דעת תואה borders on כשוף. They arent meant to be magic words to win any arguement.

  2. Is there a branch of the original Hatzolo in that area? There might be a benefit from having someone pop in and doing CPR in an emergency, ya think?

  3. “According to Chevra Hatzolah, first and foremost to begin the process of opening a new Hatzalah chapter, local rabbinic support is necessary, which they allegedly have not received.”
    The word “Allegedly” appears four times in this article.
    Perhaps before writing and publishing a one-sided hit piece against a Chessed organization the facts should be confirmed? What would Daas Torah say about publishing such a story without confirming the facts?

  4. Weird, the non-profit hatzalah of South Florida has only 2 members in the board of directors. non-profits need at least members in the board if directors. Issac Hersh appears twice in fillings, as does Dr Yitzchok kolodny. Are there 2 Isaac Hersh? Or is the non-profit not filed legally calling into question the nature of the donations it collects and the tax-free eligibility?

  5. sounds like passaic all over again ,
    in the end this will push the real hatzoloh to found one in boca
    so this guy whoever he is can take some credit knowing that he was the impetus and back off in a decent manner
    the bigger problem is that out of town communities CANNOT AFFORD to have internal machlokes …. that makes splits , many smaller communities are still reelling from social damage from covid
    one final note; never underestimate the power of ONE DETERMINED INDIVIDUAL – look at shemira

  6. Is this just about the use of the name? If they changed it to something other than Hatzalah make it better? It is not clear what the real issue is here. Is this other organization not run by frum people? It seems they can help save lives, that would be a good thing. I hope Yeshiva World will explain exactly what the problem is here besides the unauthorized use of the name

  7. I’m not taking a stand on this issue either way but this story is missing a few facts which would add clarity to a sad situation where Jews are suing Jews over saving lives.
    1. Boynton Beach and Boca Raton are 2 very separate towns approximately 12 miles apart.
    2. I’ve not heard the term “Vaad Harabbonim of Boca Raton” before. Not to say that there isn’t such a group but they have not issued a Psak under that name that I can recall. If there is such a group, how would their Psak affect Boynton Beach? There are 2 Chabad Shuls, an Ashkenaz Shul and several house Minyanim in Boynton Beach and I doubt that any of the 3 Rabbonim of Boynton Beach Shuls are part of this “Vaad”.
    3. In the “Frum” area of Boynton Beach (“3 housing developments as stated above, but in reality there are now at least 9 developments with Frum Jews) there is a Palm Beach Fire Rescue station located within a 1 mile radius. This station is staffed by paramedics and operates 24/7 with other Palm Beach County units nearby for backup as needed.

  8. Are You Kidding me, All your comments Please, as Much as I know there is Political Issues in every Dispute, as Being now 26 years a humble Paramedic In Hatzolah , (I use the word Humble, because I see what is going on all these years and had many opportunities to so called “grow”, stayed away as from fire, I entered Hatzolah from one reason and one reason only to help save lives and Baruch Hashem I was privileged to do so let say many times) so 1 A Hatzolah that does not have a “solid Vad Harabonim, Is a very big Issue, the fundamental difference between Hatzolah and all the 1000’s of other EMS agencies volunteer or paid is tremendous, speaking from my own experience, do you want someone in your bedroom at 3 Am who you do not trust, everybody knows each other or within hours especially today with social media, it is not like calling a painter, electrician, Plumber, where you make sure everything is in place , IT IS AS IS , SO without a solid halacha program there no discussion at all they must be stopped going into from houses Halachic protocols come before everything. 2nd If someone remembers in Boro Park A restaurant (he publicly left it hanging) used the words Mc Fleishigs, within weeks he was sued by McDonald’s, believe me he responded and took off the Name , Chevra Hatzolah Trademarked years ago this name, the same way one will ever use Facebook, Microsoft or McDonald’s or even Kosher Delight, even if they are out of business try using their names. I JUST HOPE THAT THIS ENDS WITHOUT ANY CHILUL HASHEM

  9. I live in Boca. Moved here from Monsey 7 years ago. To my knowledge there is no formal Vaad Harabonim of Boca. I know who all the major frum Orthodox Rabbis are but there is no formal Vaad.

  10. Are there any “locals” who are able to offer the “other side” of this dispute? Specifically, were there any unreasonable conditions or requirements imposed by the national Hatzalah group that this Boca operation found impossible to comply with, some personal or ego conflicts??

  11. @MiamiSunburn
    They use “allegedly” for legal reasons.

    “What would Daas Torah say about publishing such a story without confirming the facts?”
    Read the article and note the list of Rabbonim and who signed the letter.

  12. Hatzalah in Miami only recently got permission to transport and they’ve done an amazing job the past number of years by showing up quickly till the ambulance came so that point should definitely not be an issue.

  13. What’s with all the stupid comments trying to be open minded or hear the “other side”? Don’t trust Hatzoloh. (Not sure why you wouldn’t. Yeah yeah let’s make believe they’re run by politics). Don’t trust Yeshiva World. Just trust HaRav Dovid Cohen. He signed on the letter that is clearly posted here. What more do you need?

  14. Why is this published? This seems like a business dispute and an only supporting letter is from a Rav in another state. If there is/will be a local psak telling people not to deal with this organization, this will be newsworthy. Otherwise, are we invited to be a beis din? We can’t as we heard already one side of the story without the second side being present. Let’s press a collective “ignore”

  15. Well, it seems the enlightening and factual comment I’ve tried to make twice, hasn’t passed the mods muster. Suffice it to say that this is not about trademarks. Do your own research.