SHOCK FOOTAGE: Police Water Cannons Send Chareidi Man To Hospital With Head Injury At Geula Hafganah


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A massive protest took place in Yerushalayim Wednesday night after police reportedly threatened to cut off all contact with the chareidi community over hafganos against cell phone stores in the Geulah neighborhood.

The hafganah Wednesday night took place in front of the “Cellular Giant” store and attracted thousands of demonstrators from Meah She’arim and surrounding neighborhoods.

Police dispersed the demonstrators with water cannons, and a number of chareidim were injured by police forces during the protest.

Earlier in the day, a smaller protest took place in front of the store, during which 8 of 20 chareidi protesters were arrested by police.

After several hours of protesting, the police reportedly agreed to keep communication with the chareidi community open.

See the shocking footage below of a Chareidi man violently thrown by the force of the water canon. The man was instantly unconscious, and rushed to the hospital with a head injury.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Stop running around in the streets like vilde chaya, and stay in the bais where you belong. If you have enough time to run to hafganot, you have enough time to spend a few years in the IDF or get a job.

  2. The individual should obviously have a Refuah Shlaioma.

    We know that Yerushlaim thrives on Hafganos – But they should stop these foolish demonstrations. It is Bitul Torah and stupid and no reason to harass store owners. Not nice at all.

  3. Wow look at him, one minute he’s having the time of his life, the next minute he is hurt.
    While he was dancing he felt like the whole world belongs to him.

  4. shock??? that a thief who damaged a private store got what he deserved? He asked for it. Love how we condone blm, but go for this. This is not what my rebeim would be doing. Breaking into stored and screaming in the street corners.

  5. What else do they expect? Get up to date with modern society. You can’t just keep living in a secluded Ghetto. Instead of shying away from technology, learn how to use it properly and for a good purpose. If protests get violent, expect backlash. Police warn them not to come and protest, yet they continue. It’s a no brainer that someone is going to be injured.

  6. I have nothing to say to the commenters who made comparisons to Nazis. This is for the moderator who approved their comments: get halachic guidance.

  7. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
    ‘Mike Tyson’

    Everyone is gangsta until they get hit with a water cannon. I hope whoever the Yid is, he has a refuah shilaima. Nobody has a right to threaten, intimidate or damage a private business because you don’t like the fact that they are selling cellphones or Chaim Walder books. People have a right to a parnasa. You have no right to destroy it. You don’t like what they sell? So don’t patronize the store or company. Hezek is never allowed in halacha.

  8. a sincere question:
    there is this popular idea that if everyone will dress as Talmidei Chachamim, this will raise behavior level of the community, and everyone will behave better – and there is a lot of positive here.
    But what are people signifying by wearing a black hat to an illegal protest? It is making people associate black hats with misbehavior rather than Talmidei Chachamim.
    I don’t think anyone who wants to go to any non-kosher activity, he will at least change into a kippah srugah! Why is this different?

    On the optimistic side, they are protecting their hats with plastic. So, they intend to go back to learning at some point.

  9. What kind of a headline is this?? Shock??? The idiot LITERALLY asked for it and got exactly what he wanted. He’s probably beyond siked with all the attention he is getting. What a shoiteh. I’m so happy for him. May ask these eitznikim have the same fate!!

  10. i wonder if those defending the police here would also be defending the nazis or jihadi terrorists as well

    just curious what would CV happen in such a scenario

  11. mosheb5759, ujm, yankele, your comparisons are beneath contempt. it is truly sad that this rhetoric is accepted in parts of the jewish community. i would think you should examine your ways and think hard about the 6 million whose deaths you are a disgrace to.

  12. To all those saying this is vital Torah, foolish demonstrations etc. Let me remind you how many Jews are lost through the use of non-kosher phones, nad even if you are a big Rov and have a huge kosher sticker on your iPhone, that doesn’t mean even a smartphone with the strongest filter is suitable for a Jew who is already schwach. So they are heilige Yidden who are filfilling a mitzvah of לא תעמוד על דם רעך and not just batlanim.

  13. Bouncing-Yak, shame on you. Just because you decided that you “must” have the technology and the smartphone doesn’t meant that these people who don’t want it don’t have a right to defend the character of THEIR neighborhood. People need to respect the neighborhoods, and the people living it it, wherever these neighborhoods are, and not destroy the character and defining essence of different communities.

  14. PLEASE HASHEM! Please give me the strength to be moser nefesh for You even a tenth of how much these tzaddikim are moser nefesh!
    Whose heart does not tremble at seeing the filthy nazi police pigs being meirim yad b’azus nora’ah against Yehudim yerei Hashem! Regarding the Nazi pigs I am mischanein lifanav yisborach b’peh malei u’v’kol gadol: Tirdefeim b’sa’arecha! Sivahaleim! L’ma’an da’as kol amei ha’aretz sheHashem echad ushmo echad!

  15. These cops in the water canon are Arabs, who get a lot of energy drinks before using the water canons. I am not surpriced that happend. I saw it with my own eyes.

  16. @covertcorgi: They are not our brothers. They are meisisim and achzari’im and way way way not bichlal amiseinu. Sorry. Those are the facts. As the grandson of two Holocaust survivors with whom I am extremely close, I will double down: they are worse than Nazis.

  17. To compare policemen trying to keep law and order and prevent these hooligans from their ridiculous behavior to Nazis is beyond me. How stupid can you be???
    Don’t misbehave and don’t get punished. Seems pretty simple to me

  18. Covertcorgi:
    The problem is that you have a mistaken (Zionist) idea of brothers. A brother Jew is a fellow Jew who believes in the Torah or, at the very least, doesn’t believe in an alternative, like Zionism (even the “Religious” variant).

    As it happens, the Zionists have “outclassed”, if not on that scale, the Nazis for decades now.

  19. @philosopher, you are absolutely right. I am sorry about the comment. I would still like to point out that if the police tell you not to protest, and you still do, expect consequences.

  20. Until we made Aliya, my husband and I were very upset when anyone made comparison between Natzis and Israeli police. Since we live here we stopped judging. The police crosses all boundries and usually hate religious people. Don’t sit in America and write comments about police you don’t understand. They are vicious to say it lightly

  21. People who have no halachic right to police a crowd — who not only do police a crowd but treat said crowd and all like crowds with brazen, unbelievable cruellt — and actually, unlike the original Nazis, belong to the same nation as the crowd themselves… are worse than Nazis.
    I urge you all to actually come and watch one of these protests for a few hours.
    @Kach: Not gonna bother. Why am I a pig, exactly?
    @Covertcorgi: Sorry we disagree. I appreciate your respectful tone.
    @Tziyoni: Sorry we disagree.
    @Allan: Ummmm… kinda confused here… China…? Huh…? Chareidim worse than Nazis…? What the hell?
    @HaKatan: Thank you. Well said.
    @AppleJuice: Thank you for not judging.

  22. Total nonsense @ all of you
    In video number two they are clearly
    Seen blocking the road which is illegal
    And if you want to protests at all
    You have to get police permission

  23. And if the police tell you get out of the way
    Thus protest is illegal and you ignore
    Them they have the complete right
    To spray you with water

  24. And if the police tell you get out of the way
    protest is illegal and you ignore
    Them they have the complete right
    To spray you with water

  25. @Romain: 1. Sorry, doing something illegal doesn’t give the cops the right to act with cruelty. 2. The Israeli cops have no halachic right to enforce the Zionist laws which, by the way, have no validity anyways. But I’m literally feeling hoarse right now from the amount of times I’ve written about why the police and laws have no validity in Israel. Must be a psychosomatic effect. So I’ll just sign off now. But that’s the summary.

  26. It looked like he was thrown down by the water cannon and actually struck his head on the edge of the curb. Does anyone know how the guy is now?

  27. @yashar

    So if a man goes to a public shuk and starts to shoot- the police have no right to enforce the laws??? The scenarios are different but the police can and must enforce the law.

  28. what the heck is wrong with that guy standing in the middle of the street and asking to get sprayed with the water cannon he deserved it and anyone who thinks he didn’t deserve it is completely out of there minds that guy is dancing in the middle of the street he belongs in prison for not obeying the law

  29. @770: Great question! Here’s what I would answer: 1) No, they have no right to “enforce the law”; they do have a right to protect people in the Shuk from a shooter and try to kill the shooter (a rodef), etc. — in fact, everyone there has that “right,” or, rather, obligation. And the police, who, for better or worse, are certainly more trained and equipped, have even more of an obligation simply due to their abilities! 2) Obviously, I am not suggesting that we do not need a police force in Eretz Yisroel! However, it’s so frustrating that due to the Zionist absolute monopoly on all government matters, we can’t create our own force any time soon…. Just terrible! Between a rock and a hard place! Again, thanks for the question!