TRAGEDY IN ELAD: Infant R”L Dies After Being Left In Hot Car


A 6 month old girl was R”L Niftar after she was left in a hot vehicle in Elad on Thursday afternoon.

United Hatzalah volunteers and Magen David Adom responded to an emergency in the city of Elad on Rashi Street after bystanders spotted a young baby left in a car by itself. Volunteers performed CPR on the child in an effort to save her life.

The child was R”L Niftar after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts.

Police say the child was left in the vehicle for “several hours”, before she was found.

In response to the incident, President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said, “It is of utmost importance to never leave a child in a car, not even for a second. Continued vigilance and adherence to safety protocols can prevent unnecessary tragedies. It is also important for all citizens to keep an eye out for situations such as these and look to see if G-d forbid any children are left in parked cars in their vicinity, especially near community centers, schools, shopping malls, apartment buildings, and daycare centers. Together we can save lives and prevent these instances from taking place. If a person thinks that there is a suspicion of a child having been left in a car, call emergency services immediately.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. When emergency and government officials say “remember not to leave your kid in a car in for even a second” they are doing us a disservice. These tragedies don’t happen because people think it is safe to leave their kids in the car for short durations. They happen because people forget that their kids are in the car. Public service announcements need to call attention to that problem instead of giving people a false sense of security that so long as they understand not to keep kids in cars for short durations they are safe from this kind of tragedy.

  2. It’s unfortunately a tragedy.
    To those who are reading this message, there are preventative measures to avoid such kind of tragedies. I myself have installed a system in Ride n remind that gets installed in the car, every time the back door open up for more than 3 seconds my car will register a potential kid or baby in the back seat. After turning your car off, a alarm will ring in the car for 40 seconds reminding you that a child is in the back, to deactivate the alarm you’d have to open the back door and press a button to deactivate it. If failing to deactivate the alarm, after 40 seconds the horns of the car will start beeping loudly to notify any bystanders or the maybe the owner of the car to hear the alarm.

    To those ppl who think they will never leave a child in car, it’s a real issue and unfortunately it could happen to anyone. Of course some ppl are more prone to others and may be more forgetful than others.
    I’ve personally heard this story first hand from a notable responsible magid Shiur who told me that he once left his child for a few hour in a car, luckily it was in the winter and b’h the kid was fine. He said he’s totally not the forgetful type and just had a schedule change etc. and simply forgot he left the child in the car.

    It’s not enough to physically make a reminder on your phone because you can forget to make a reminder as well.

    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this company Ride n Remind, I’m just pointing out there’s a system to install for this issue, there maybe others on the market as well.

  3. @Sara_Rifka
    that’s a disgusting thing to suggest. Not everything has to be regulated and controlled by the State. I guarantee you that there is no greater punishment for those parents than losing their child. You think a prison compares to the hell they are living in right now?

    The implication to your suggestion is that “if they cared enough they never would have done that”. Disgusting.

  4. Waze has a feature that when you reach your destination the App rings with a reminder to check the back seat for a possible child

  5. Sar Rifka dont you think the fact that their child is dead isn’t enough of a punishment? What use will it be charging them? Believe me, this parent is probably wishing somebody kills him! He will never be able to forget this and will blame himself for the rest of his life!

  6. This is horrific, doubly so because it’s utterly preventable. If people boycotted car companies until they solved this it would be solved in the blink of an eye. The real villains here are the money hungry people who have the power to solve this but won’t until it hurts them where it matters.

    I would also support involuntary manslaughter charges for anyone who causes this to happen and attempted manslaughter for any case where the child was rescued in time. Punishment should include loss of driving privileges for 5 to 10 years and massive fines. Anyone that opposes this is identifying themselves as someone who believes they might leave or forget a child in a car.

    I would also like to see a bounty program with serious cash reward and public honors for anyone who rescues a child from a car. This will create an overnight cottage industry of child-rescuers.

  7. Let me be clear and explain to all you guys how not understanding you are.

    How many ppl of you, we’re forgetful in your life that your wife, kid or boss had asked you and you simply forgot?

    We’re not talking about someone driving reckless or under the influence of alcohol. His crime is simply because forgot.

    If you stupid ppl here think that massive fines and revoking the license will ever help, there’s nothing more punishable for a Parent to lose a child R”l.

    So please take a step back, understand there’s different types of ppl on this world, some are more forgetful than others but at the same time you can also by mistake leave your child in the car by mistake. Yes, this person who commented for high punishment, R”l it can happen to him as well god forbid. So please stop blaming ppl for being forgetful. I’d advise everyone no matter how not forgetful they are is to implement some safety measures to avoid such kind of tragedies. Some newer cars come pre built in car reminder for children. For the older cars there’s a simple solution and it shouldn’t cost more than $300 including installation. There’s nothing more wor

  8. Kuchlefel, ANYONE might leave or forget a child in a car. That includes YOU. If you think you could never do that, you’re deluding yourself.

    Those who suggest alarm systems, etc., that ring every time you leave your car to remind you to check in the back for a potential child, these are WORSE than useless. 99% of the time there is NO child in the back seat, and you know it. So after the first few dozen times of dutifully checking the back seat anyway, you will learn to ignore the alarm or shut it off. And when the one day comes that you do have the baby in the back, you will automatically ignore the alarm and go off on your merry way, and be shocked and horrified when you remember. The child will be just as dead and you’ll have all this extra guilt. No, any alarm system has to somehow be able to detect an actual child in the back seat, and only ring then.

    Here’s the thing, though. These didn’t use to happen decades ago. They didn’t happen because people didn’t put the baby in the back seat, in a backwards-facing car seat. They would put the baby in the front seat, facing forward. But then airbags became mandatory, and the problem with airbags is that if they inflate they can easily injure or kill a small person. So it became illegal to put children in the front. And it’s safer for them to face backwards, so we have to put them that way. And the result is that the driver is no longer interacting with the baby, no longer carrying on a “conversation”, and therefore occasionally forgets that the baby is even there. The solution is to allow airbags to be disabled, and bring the car seats back to the front.

  9. BDE. Just horrible. I’m terrified of this happening to me – I’m prone to forgetting things but this has happened to the most organised and responsible people.

    I’ve started taking off my left shoe and leaving it in the back seat next to my baby while driving. And I try to leave the back windows open while driving. I don’t put on my shoe or close the window until the baby’s out of the car. Temperatures can climb rapidly as the day goes on so I’m trying to remember even when it isn’t hot. I know it’s not foolproof but it’s my hishtadlus for now. May there be no more such tragedies.