CATSKILLS: Three People Drown In White Lake


A tragic incident unfolded in White Lake, Sunday afternoon, when three people drowned in the water.

Sources tell YWN that it appears that one victim fell off a pontoon, and two other people jumped off the same boat to assist the victim in the water. Tragically, all three drowned in the lake.

Catskills Hatzalah and MobileMedics, White Lake FD, Bethel EMS, NY State Police, Sullivan Sheriff Dept. along with other local emergency personnel responded to the scene and attempted to save their lives.

All three victims were found in cardiac arrest. Paramedics were able to get a pulse back in one victim, and two others were in cardiac arrest with CPR being performed when they were transported to the hospital.

It appears that the victims of this tragic incident were local residents.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Very impressed with the paramedics and the job they do. I’m sorry for those who lost their loved ones. Nobody should be on the water wit

  2. Now how many of us will search our deeds to realize how many ways we must improve ourselves in order to prevent further heartbreak to klal yisroel?

  3. “It appears that the victims of this tragic incident were local residents…

    What does local residents mean??? Yidden who live in Sullivan County year-around? Yidden from nearby NYC area on vacation? Or Goyim who live in the Catskills with the implication that they weren’t yidden. In any event, 3 neshamas are gone. Its sort of crazy that there are still people out there who engage in water recreational activities and cannot swim. Just about every school today offers swim instruction for their students and those that don’t have access to that option can learn at local Y’s or swim clubs.