Hatzalah And FDNY Treat More Than 20 Children Injured In Queens Fire – One In Serious Condition [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


More than 20 people were injured in a fire in a Queens home, Wednesday afternoon.

The fire was in 147-07 72nd Drive near main Street, in the Kew Gardens Hills section of Queens. The FDNY reports that there are around 22 patients, one of them with serious injuries. They were treated by Hatzalah and FDNY. Queens Hatzalah had numerous ambulances on the scene, as well as ambulances from Hatzalah of Rockaway-Nassau.

Sources tell YWN that there was a daycare in the basement, and that the patients are all  children – including the patient with serious injuries.

Additionally, sources tell YWN that the fire started from a lithium-ion battery in the basement of the home.

Failed lithium-ion batteries, which power things like E-bikes, scooters, cell phones and more, have been the cause of many fires. Overheated or defective batteries can catch fire or even explode, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). FDNY officials said in September 2022 that at least 150 fires had been started by the devices in New York City that year.

The NFPA recommends never charging a lithium-ion battery overnight or leaving a battery on the charger after it’s fully charged. Batteries should be kept at room temperature, should be stored away from other flammable materials, and should not be charged under a pillow, on a bed, or on a couch.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. a sincere question , in the first video what is the fire man doing ripping out window frames , ? i respect their work but this bugs me watching them do extensive damage without much logic? anyone out there pls explain?

  2. A sincere comment,
    I have first hand information that proves many many details in this post are inaccurate and exaggerated.
    Please do not sensationalize the news on another yid’s expense.
    This post should either be taken down or the myriad of exaggerated details should be corrected.