WATCH NETANYHAU: We Have Hit Islamic Jihad With The Most Significant Blow It Has Ever Suffered In History


Following is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement to the media this evening (Wednesday, 10 May 2023):

“Citizens of Israel, we are still in the midst of a campaign. At this very moment, our forces are fiercely attacking the Gaza Strip and exacting a heavy price from the terrorist organizations.

I would like to reiterate: Whoever harms us, whoever sends terrorists against us, will pay the price.

This principle, that whoever attacks us and tries to attack us will pay the price, was significantly strengthened today in Operation Shield and Arrow. The development of new technological capabilities, and the parallel development of new operational capabilities, in combination with our initiative, is creating a new equation.

We say to the terrorists and whoever dispatches terrorists: We see you everywhere. You cannot hide. We will choose the time and place to attack you. We will choose, not you; not just in response, but in times of calm – the choice is ours.

Up to now, we have inflicted upon Islamic Jihad in Gaza the hardest blow in its history. Within mere seconds, two seconds, in the middle of the night, at three separate locations, we simultaneously eliminated the terrorist organization’s leaders. We hit its anti-tank units, its arsenals and its rocket production facilities.

In response to our actions, Islamic Jihad has launched rockets at Israel. A quarter of the rockets, maybe close to a third, fell on their territory. The decisive majority of the rockets were intercepted by our defensive systems. I would also like to commend here the Defense Ministry and the security establishment for also developing the new systems that were successfully brought into action today.

Fortunately, as of now, no Israeli citizen has been wounded. I ask that all Israeli citizens continue following the directives of IDF Home Front Command. You are doing this so well and it really does save lives.

Over the last few months, we have taken action against over 20 terrorists. I would like to thank the IDF, the ISA and the security establishment for working together around the clock on both defense and offense. I would like to thank the citizens of Israel for the full backing and confidence that they are giving our action. I would like to thank the residents of the south, whose local council heads I spoke with today.

The campaign is not yet over. We will continue to update you. We entered this together. We will get through this together and we will win together.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As usual, Zionist bluster and kochi viOtzem yadi….
    As the gedolim noted a century ago, if the Zionists invade the land then there will be wars there forever – until the idol is finally smashed.

  2. Thank you, Benjamin, for being serious about the protection of the citizens of the state.
    It would have been nice if in your speech you mentioned G-d. You know, Hashem is a big deal to the Jewish people, right? And we are His people. Excellent work and a request to not avoid mentioning our father.

  3. they literally say this EVERY time they bomb a couple of buildings, there is no Zionist deterence, because it is only the Aibishter who protects his people not these atheists.

  4. Let’s not forget that there are many Yidin whose lives are in danger. Let’s be a little toned down at this juncture. It’s not the time for dialogue about the Medina. Now is not the time.

  5. Thank you Edith Silman for having cast the 1st Domino to oust Bennett who never would have taken such decisive action to protect 🇮🇱.
    Not having חמץ in hospitals over פסח was a reduction in גאווה which is חמץ, so בע”ה Bibi’s tactics in Gaza are being Divinely successful

  6. Huge mistake for him not to mention סייעתא דשמיא. I hope everything will go well, but כחי ועוצם ידי is dangerous for anyone – zionist or not.

  7. The people in Gaza do not question that Israeli intelligence knows exactly where they are but really they are asking why do you kill innocent people together with the terrorist that they know exactly where they are and when

  8. HaKatan: the land belongs to עם ישראל, not to the ישמעאלים

    as for the members of our nation that aren’t yet Frum – it is our job to be מקרב them to hashem and the torah

  9. Let’s get something straight
    They know dam well that the Israeli intelligence knows exactly every move they make and where they go when they are alone and when with people and that is why the Palestinian complain when Israeli intelligence satilites that know every last move the enemy makes kills innocent children and people that they do not have too as they know exactly when they can kill them alone