BORO PARK: Man Reunited With Tallis and Tefillin After Volunteers Sift Through Piles Of Garbage [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


A group of volunteers from Chaveirim and Shomrim of Boro Park returned a suitcase containing a man’s tallis and tefillin to its rightful owner after sifting through piles of garbage at a waste management facility.

Upon realizing that he inadvertently left his suitcase at a curb and was now missing, the owner had contacted Boro Park Shomrim, who sent volunteers to review surveillance footage, determining that it had been carted away in a garbage truck.

The local NYC sanitation supervisor was promptly contacted, who arranged for the trucks working in the vicinity where the suitcase had gone missing to be separated from the others and have their trash placed in one specific section of the sanitation facility.

Volunteers then arrived to sift through the garbage, and after some time, found the suitcase crushed but its contents fully intact.

Particularly helpful in resolving the situation were askanim Pinny Ringel, Heshy Dembitzer, Beri Spitzer, and Yidel Perlstein.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Interesting issue.
    Obviously we don’t want tefillin to end up in a derech bizayon, and we go to great lengths to prevent it, but how far must you go? I would be interested to hear a shiur on this.
    There was a similar story a few years ago and a bus load of chassidim traveled to the sanitation yard to try to retrieve the tefillin.
    One lesson we can learn, which I’m sure all these volunteers are definitely thinking about right now, is the great lengths we must go not to do an aveira. Bizayon of tefillin קל וחומר loshon hora

  2. Dr. Nat

    Where does it say he wasn’t told about the petirah? He most certainly was or he wouldn’t be sitting shiva.

    Second maybe he couldn’t return because he didn’t recover from the flight to US.

    You could try to be less judgemental.