FULL REPLAY: Mammoth Adirei Hatorah Gathering At Wells Fargo Center In Philadelphia


Tens of thousands gathered in Philadelphia on Sunday evening to celebrate and honor BMG’s lomdei torah, with thousands more joining live via video and audio hookups of the event.

Numerous rabbanim, roshei yeshiva, mechanchim, yungerleit, and baalebatim from the Adirei Hatorah initiative joined in the mammoth celebration, joining together to delight in the sheer ecstasy of simchas hatorah.

A full recap of the evening’s events, including hundreds of photos and videos, will be published on YWN Monday evening. (An option for those without YouTube access will be published later as well.)

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Reb Lezer is a tzadik who single handidly helps hundreds of youngerleit, I see it myself in Lakewood ir hakodesh. It also shows you dont college and wasting 4 years of your life on some degree to make it big, if the borei olam wants he’ll give you parnassa. I didnt go but my neighbors loved the event.

  2. beney, be careful with your words. What do you hope to accomplish with them?
    Mocking people who uphold mosdos Torah is uncalled for. Words have power and you will be held responsible for their outcome לטוב ולמוטב.

  3. Sorry beney!! I think you are the only one! Lazer the tzaddik’s name was not mentioned ONCE the entire event and he was nowhere near the dais! The point of the event was to give chizzuk to the yungerleit and give them the respect they deserve. It was truly a maamad of kavod hatorah – ask anyone who was there.

  4. @Beney when you try raising 60 MILLION dollars a year to triple their checks, and make a event to encourage people to give, then you can talk. As an aside, lazer scheiner didn’t have his name mentioned once at the event, nor did he make himself seen at all.

  5. I am anxiously awaiting the NY Times hit-piece on how many hundreds of attendees were arrested last night due to fighting and drug use; how many ‘fans’ were ejected due to rowdy behavior; how many hundred of tons of garbage were left over in the parking lot from all of the tail-gate parties; how many ushers and security personnel were accosted and spit on; how many people were treated for excessive alcohol consumption and overdoses etc. etc. etc. – I am not holding my breath….

  6. we need more yeshivas not kollel yingerleit, yingerleit are required to bring parnasa as per the kasiba you signed at your wedding (this is not my statement its rabbi yoel teitelbaum satmar rabbi), girls wake up, dont go to job if your husband doesn’t want to do his part. Now if a a yingerman wants to learn, he can be a Melamed, or magid shir, or Beth din. this is the way it was all the time since god gave the torah to the jewish nation.

  7. The ruach looked amazing!

    What about the speeches?

    Given the multiple speeches from “the wisest men of our generation”, could someone who attended please share with us some of the insights you gained from having heard these speeches?


  8. As a mother of two yunger menchen who are learning in BMG, I was inspired by the Gedolim who gave voice to the hard work that my daughters-in-law are doing to support my sons in their learning. Although I knew this beforehand, I gained new appreciation when I heard Rav Kotler or Rav Olshin (don’t remember which) say my dils losing sleep because of taking care of children etc and giving my sons these years to learn, gains them tremendous schar. Sometimes I get a little cynical about the learning process, but these awesome Gedolim reaffirming the beauty of what our boys are doing left me with a wonderful feeling. Also, the singing was so warm and hartzedig. May this achdus bring Moshiach very soon.
    Shout out to Rachelli and Rina – נשי חיל!!

  9. Benny, what percent of frum adult men on this planet are in kollel for more than 5 years? Less than 6 percent, yes read that again, and as you suggested many do continue in Klein kodesh

  10. There is a sub group of middle age talmidei chachomim who were hoping for a shtella and it didn’t work out because they were missing the ability to discipline etc.. and find it too hard to work in a store or office…but it’s a small number

  11. @Shlomo2: Did you expect the gedolim to give an insightful pilpul and iyun shiur? sometimes inspiration and a “ruach” of chizuk is the call of the moment! (berachos 32b )

  12. Esav wanted to say that yakov made in his sheep a kind of quilt that there is no solemn in sin this is where the ten tribes became goyim from the mileches hashamayim and it’s today from the many mamzerim that can’t sleep in the Sukkah of zechariah

  13. ad mosai:
    No, I did not expect a pilpul or iyun shiur.

    But when wise men (the wisest of our generation!) speak for 10-20 minutes, surely we would get a glimpse of their amazing wisdom, however brief.

    So, please share!!


    Thanking you in advance!!

  14. @shalom 2 firstly im not sure if youre a troll and im just wasting my time. secondly syug lchochmah shtika…so that shows how wise they really are and eizehu chacham halomed mikal adam…so the fact that you cant glean from their wisdom is more of a reflection on yourself then the gedolim because afilu sichas chulin shel talmiday chachamim trichun limud…lastly i dont think this is the proper forum to expound on the gedolims derashos. hatzlacha!

  15. @ shalom 2 you can look at the kosher piriodicals…also i can give you some websites shabbat.com and jewishanytime.com so you can learn more about your faith and heritage.

  16. ad mosai:
    My hebrew is fine, but I don’t understand Yiddish.
    And I was therefore asking that someone like yourself share with us the wisdom spoken there, notwithstanding that the format did not lend itself to complex pilpulim and deep shiurim b’iyun.
    Your take on siyag l’chochma is fascinating!
    You’re say

  17. ad mosai:
    My hebrew is fine, but I don’t understand Yiddish.
    And I was therefore asking that someone like yourself share with us the wisdom spoken there, notwithstanding that the format did not lend itself to complex pilpulim and deep shiurim b’iyun.
    Your take on siyag l’chochma is fascinating!
    You’re saying it means that one should intentionally say things that are NOT chochma?
    And that’s why there wasn’t anything said there that was worth passing one to us here?
    (I have no idea what was said.)
    See Bartenura on that mishna:
    סייג לחכמה שתיקה – במה אנן קיימין, אי בשתיקה מדברי תורה, הרי כבר כתיב והגית בו וגו”אי בשתיקה מרכילות ולשון הרע וקללה, דאורייתא נינהו. הא אינו מדבר אלא בשתיקה מדברי הרשות שבין אדם לחברו, שיש לו לאדם למעט הדבור בהם כל מה שאפשר. ועליהם אמר שלמה (משלי יז) גם אויל מחריש חכם יחשב

  18. LBJ:
    So could you share with us some of their inspiring words, so that we might all have chizuk in Torah?
    (I’d imagine it wasn’t like l’havdil a high school coach’s locker room meaningless pep talk, but something creative and wise.)

    L’havdil college graduation speakers, being “mechazek” the graduates in their academic and life journeys, speak for only ten minutes and nevertheless manage to say things worth remembering and repeating.

    So please share.

  19. @Shlomo 2 firstly you will probably find a summary of the event including the speeches in your favorite newspaper or magazine. also it says לעולם ישנה אדם לדלמידו בלשון קצרה thats also i think included in sayag lchochmah shtika…

  20. Ad mosai:
    Your interpretations of Chazals are so interesting!
    I would have thought, like the Rambam, that this maamar chazal from רבי מאיר was telling us to be concise and coherent, so that talmidim best understand the Torah you’re teaching. In other words, that when one DOES SPEAK, it must be clear and to the point.

    You’re saying that one should b’davka say things bereft of content!! And that explains why neither you nor anyone else can cite anything said there that was worth repeating.

    I can’t believe this is true.

    See the Rambam and note what he says about speaking to an audience, but with no real content.

    C”v that I should believe that this is what happened at the assifa. So please, someone say over what were surely the wise words of Rav malkiel and the other rabbonim for us.

    לעולם ירבה אדם בשתיקה ולא ידבר אלא או בדבר חכמה או בדברים שצריך להם לחיי גופו אמרו על רב תלמיד רבינו הקדוש שלא שח שיחה בטלה כל ימיו וזו היא שיחת רוב כל אדם ואפילו בצרכי הגוף לא ירבה אדם דברים ועל זה צוו חכמים ואמרו כל המרבה דברים מביא חטא ואמרו לא מצאתי לגוף טוב אלא שתיקה וכן בדברי תורה ובדברי חכמה יהיו דברי האדם מעטים ועניניהם מרובים והוא שצוו חכמים ואמרו לעולם ישנה אדם לתלמידיו דרך קצרה אבל אם היו הדברים מרובין והענין מועט הרי זו סכלות ועל זה נאמר כי בא החלום ברוב ענין וקול כסיל ברוב דברים.