DELUSIONAL? Christie Insists Trump “Disappointed The Country,” Says He Can Really Win This Time

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

CNN’s Jake Tapper put new GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie on the hot seat, asking the former governor of New Jersey why he thinks he has a shot when he got demolished in 2016.

“Now, right now you’re polling in the low single digits,” Tapper said. “I know you haven’t even been in the race for a day. But in 2016, you ran, you placed 10th in Iowa and sixth in New Hampshire before getting out of the race. What is going to make this year different?”

Christie responded by insisting that it’s a completely different race this time around.

“The whole atmosphere is different, Jake,” Christie said. “In 2015 and 2016 we had a situation where Donald Trump had no record to speak of. He had been on a TV show, had been a developer – private developer in New York. There was no way to really make the case against him.”

“This is different today,” he continued. “We know he said he would build a wall across the entire border of Mexico. He didn’t do it. About a quarter of the wall was built. He said Mexico would pay for it. We haven’t gotten our first peso.”

Christie went on to say that Trump failed on practically every major promise he made to his base.

“On promises both big and small, he broke them,” the former governor said. “He disappointed our party. He disappointed the country. And that’s gonna be the focus of this campaign.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Christie has a ‘fat’ chance that he’ll get even 5% of the republican vote.. and I’m sorry for my choice of words..

  2. He obfuscated the question. He was asked how he thinks he has a chance at the presidency this time. He just went on a rant against Trump without answering the question.