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Lakewood Cops Nab Illegal Immigrant For Robbery At Knife Point

arrested3.jpgThe Asbury Park Press is reporting that the Lakewood PD has arrested an illegal immigrant who broke into someones home and robbed them at knife-point. He has been charged with aggravated assault, robbery and possession of false documents.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:00PM on Sunday and the 31-year-old (male) victim was visiting friends on Manetta Place when he was robbed. The illegal immigrant – Roy E. Pasos-Carmona, 31 – entered the home with a knife to his victim’s throat, hit him with the handle of the knife and demanded money.

Pasos-Carmona is being held in lieu of $150,000 cash only bail.

(Source: APP)

15 Responses

  1. This is a good issue to bring up Erev Election Day.

    What’s the plan? We need to clean up LKWD from our illegals problem.

    They are taking over LKWD & they aren’t leaving any time soon.

  2. Illeagal Immigration is really spiraling out of control.

    I used to enjoy going to a certain city known for its clean and beautiful safe streets,and the past few years the demographics have changed so that there are thousands of illeagals all over the place bringing it down to the dumps…its really sad.

    …But I guess this is Galus.

  3. illini07 – 1) by definition they are criminal-minded – they are here illegally.

    2) the democrat party policy line is what sammygol wrote. sadly, some republicans have adopted that line so as to not sound bigoted.

  4. here we go again…
    no 3: to clean up a town from a problem, residents should stop incentivising that problem. yes, it is again about cheap day labor and cleaning ladies that absolute majority of lakewooders uses in some shape or form…

  5. Now you know how the “rest of Lakewood/Howell, Jackson” feels about us. I am no anti semite or anything. I don’t like them either.

  6. from Post 13 “Characterizing all of them as…”

    – I guess you could qualify some illegals as non-violent offenders and other illegal aliens as both non-violent and violent offenders.

    meanwhile BOTH are criminals. why wait to see which ones will be non-violent offenders?

    don’t hire them in your business or your personal affairs.
    don’t rent to them.
    remove the financial incentive for them to stay in our communities and they will migrate to a different area.

  7. illini07- Sammygol is still waiting for an answer (okay, I’ll rephrase that: I’M still awaiting an answer to sammygol’s question.)
    And if you choose to plead the fifth, just say, “Thank G-d for liberals,” and kindly cease attacking our spokesperson, sammygol.

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