Friedman Says Iran Is Best Model For Human Rights For Children


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nk11.jpgTwo weeks ago, Yeshivaworld reported that holocaust-denier Moshe Friedman was in Iran, and was captured on camera embracing the Iranian President. The following statement has been release by the Iranian Press today:

Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman of Austria has said Iran is the best model for human rights for children.

Rabbi Friedman, who is the chief rabbi of the Orthodox Anti-Zionist Society of Austria, his wife Lea, and six of their seven children returned to their home in Vienna, Austria on Thursday after almost two months in Iran.

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad warmly welcomed them after the Friday Prayers of Quds Day (October 5) and said he would join them in prayers and celebrations in Beit-ul-Moqaddas (Jerusalem) when it is liberated from Zionism and the Zionist regime.

In addition, the Friedmans met some of Iran’s religious leaders.

The family also took part in many religious ceremonies and events at Iran’s Jewish synagogues and schools.

They have said that there is no place in the world where Jews have so much freedom to practice their religion, adding that Iran’s Jews also enjoy all the other advantages of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The also visited the tombs of Mordechai and Esther in Hamedan.

Before coming to Iran, Rabbi Friedman’s children were attacked by Zionist elements in Austria and Britain in retaliation for the fact that the rabbi had attended the Tehran Holocaust Conference in December 2006.

His children required hospitalization after the attacks. They were also expelled from school in Vienna, kidnapped in London, and illegally imprisoned and tortured in Vienna.

The Friedmans say all this was the work of Mossad agents of the Israeli embassies in Vienna and London.

The family expressed gratitude to the Austrian Supreme Court for their efforts to ensure their children could return to school and to prosecute the culprits, but added that the justice minister and other Austrian politicians beholden to Israel and the Zionist World Jewish Congress are hindering implementation of the court orders.

The Friedman family said European countries should implement their laws on the human rights of children in their own lands before dictating to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which they called the best model for human rights for children.

(Source: Mehr News)


  1. Just for your info he absolutely doesn’t have anyone in vienna that talks to him besides some anti semitic Goyim and his children were never hospitalized and they were never tortured

  2. Puts to rest the lie Ynet tried spreading that his wanted a divorce. Goes to show that the zionist media will lie any which way to make false points.

  3. Why are you mentioneing him as news? I am really surprised that YW acknowledges him. I wonder what Rav Shmuel Birnbaum (Mir)would say about your covering him in your news briefs?

  4. Austra gives me the creeps. My kids live fairly close to Vienna (why, I ask myself) & I fly into the airport there. This country deserves him, Nazi to Nazi. I don’t spend a dime there, I won’t give them my hard earned Jewish money. I buy everything for the eineklach here.

    I just don’t understand Frum Jews living in Europe. We lucky ones escaped from there, remember???

    Nice poem, sammygol!

  5. Why doesn’t he move to Iran altogether. He can get a kiss from its president every day as far as I care.
    He visited the kever of Mordechai and Esther? Haman’s grave would have been more suitable.

  6. why do we waste our time reading about someone who is a rasha merusha? we are giving adolf friedman exactly what he wants which is to hear his opiion….we should as a group decide not to even aknowledge his existence which will iy”h end very soon….

  7. Why is this clown getting so much attention?

    We need to IGNORE his antics & he’ll lose his audience. By writing every single crazy thing he does, you are just encouraging him!

  8. Freaky Freedy once again reminds us that Iran is the land where Purim took place. And one day soon, his beloved naye Homon will be hanging 50 amois above Teheran (unless they bring him to Shushan/Isfahan which would really mean justice). I guess Freaky Freedy will be watching his buddy hang as he sits in a corner of a frigid, fetid padded cell, trying so hard to make a dunce cap by cutting purple felt with plastic scissors.

  9. “Beit-ul-Moqaddas” = Arabic (yes, I know he’s Persian, not Arab) for Beis HaMikdash, of course.

    Interesting that they call it that; Arabs say the Temple Mount is not the Temple Mount, while Iran calls it the Beis Hamikdash. It wasn’t Muhammed’s Bais HaMikdash. So who else could have owned it? Jews, naturally.

  10. So, you all disagree with Friedman,
    So, I too disagree with Friedman.

    We all think he is wrong.

    But does this excuse us from expressing this with derech eretz?

    As wrong as I agree his actions are, I bet his visits have made life better for Iranian Jews, even if just so Ahmadinejad can have something to show him. Some good will come out of it.

    Let us all show ahavas Yisroel … even to Friedman. We do not need to agree to keep the commandment of Ahavas Yisroel.

    To wish him or his family harm if awful, wrong, and improper.

    Do I agree with him? NO
    Do I support him? NO

    Do I wish him harm? NO

    He is another Yid, and I will love him. Hashem told me to.

  11. It’s funny how many of you criticized YW for reporting this but found enough time to comment yourselves.
    I think it is important to expose a Rasha like this and keep close tabs on him. We may understand that he has no shychus to am Yisroel but the gotim see him as a leader of sorts which is dangerous.
    Also, those who wrote that Mossad were involved – what a joke. They would have killed him years ago if they felt threatened by him.

  12. As wrong as I agree his actions are, I bet his visits have made life better for Iranian Jews, even if just so Ahmadinejad can have something to show him. Some good will come out of it.
    This is exactly what Freeky and his slightly saner comrades (Yishmoel Daoud Weiss, Moussa al-Dib Beck, Haroun Cohn etc) would like to have you believe. It is nice to be melamed zechus, but in this case you are exaggerating the importance of a small band of total narronim. Der nayer Homon just invites these clowns to use them and make fools of them. They in turn thrive on the attention that apparently they never got in “pre 1a” or cheder where they belong.

  13. I think that it is a good thing to have him there. With Iran haveing such hate to the jews we need that they should not say “all jews” are bad.
    I remember many years ago when there was elections in Israel everyone in Keriat Sefer voted for Bibi exept one person voted for Rabin. Rabin could not say that no one voted for him.

  14. Sam – the mediocrity of thought (or rather lack thereof) is on thy part. One who cannot contemplate the position espoused by our Torah leaders vis-à-vis zionism, ought to seek cousel and accept their verdict.

  15. These Karta guys are never boring, that’s for sure. I think we could use a little less excitement and put them on the ignore list. It’s one thing to believe the Messiah will come and bring about an Israel, but it’s another thing to work toward the destruction and genocide of the Jewish people in Israel. It’s wrong and they should be shamed and ashamed.

  16. Chuck Schwab -(not your real name, we assume) – the “zionist media.” You sound like the PLO and Nazi-types who oppose a Jewish state. Please show us how the media is Zionist-controlled? Many pro-Israel supporters say the opposite. How about some evidence that “torah leaders” are correct. Many frum and religious leaders support a state of Israel. Can you cite their writings, for us? Or are you saying the only Torah leaders worth believing are yours? I guess you are preparing the camps for those who oppose your views?

  17. Chuck, we are not talking about anti-Zionism here. If anything I can’t stand this little mutant because he and his ilk desecrate the memory of tzaddikim who opposed Zionism BUT WOULD NOT EVER THINK OF SUPPORTING SONEI YISROEL, such as Reb Amram Bloy ZYA and Reb Yolish (the Satmarer Rov) ZYA.

    We are talking about a fool who allows himself to be used by a rosho, mizera Amalek, who wants to kill six million Jews in Eretz Yisroel. What’s more, this minuscule Freeky fool claims that only one million Jews were killed during the churban. (Using very unscientific methods, I figure that just the number of victims who had the surname Friedman [which this little freak dishonors to the point that I feel sorry for my perfectly ehrliche Friedman acquaintances from his original community], and those who were related to someone of that surname must exceed one million).

    We know full well that the tziyoinim collaborated with the Nzis ymach shmam. That is no excuse for a supposed Torah Yid to become the court Jew for a rosho who, like Homon who was very possibly his direct ancestor, wants to repeat what the Nzis did chas vesholom.

    His only excuse is that he is so much into getting attention that he is probably considered a choileh if not a shoiteh mamash. The proper treatment for his machloh is sending him to a heavily padded facility, or to a hut in the wilderness where he can scream and not be heard.

  18. “Beit-ul-Moqaddas” = Arabic (yes, I know he’s Persian, not Arab) for Beis HaMikdash, of course.
    And I have heard that “al-Qods” is also derived from “Beis HaMikdash”!

  19. The WW II-era founders of Israel tried saving as many European Jews as possible from the Nazis – that’s not collaboration. Most of the world closed its collective eyes. Israel chai!

  20. Frankly, I don’t see how this Jew from Austria is causing any damage to anyone. He makes a clown out of himself hugging that Iranian thug, but no one is getting hurt (other than himself).

    I understand why the zionist crowd, who are in the main tinok shenishba’s, get all riled up when they see this clown, but in long scheme of things his actions are irrelevant.

    Now you can flame me for saying this, as I understand a lot of people get heartburn when they hear his name in the news, but the point is what it is.

  21. sammygol, no one who wouldn’t have otherwise called a Jew a name on the street will do so due to the actions of this clown. No one who would have otherwise not stabbed a Jew, will heaven forbid stab a Jew due to this clown.

    This clown is not going to make a non-Jew who is otherwise favorable or friendly to the Jewish people suddenly reverse course and become a raging anti-semite that he otherwise would not be.

    Point is the guy is a clown, and people do not take clowns seriously. If an anti-semite is seeking a “Jew” he can quote for anti-Jewish propoganda, he will use a left-wing Jew, like that Finkelstein jerk previously in the news, rather than a clown like this guy. (And if that is what he is looking for, he is obviously an anti-semite to start and does not need anything to “justify” his Jew-hatred.)

    (namel, be specific in how so I can consider your point.)

  22. 33.

    Roundabout, may I suggeest you read Perfidy by Ben Hecht.


    It is well known that the vast majority of pre-war Gedolim in Europe, such as the Chofetz Chaim, Rav. Chaim of Brisk, and Rav. Sholom Ber of Chabad, just to name a few, were opposed to zionism. They might have agreed that now that there is a state, it must continue to exist and defend itself from enenies, simply because of pekuach nefesh. But it is well known there were only a small handfull of gedolim who were zionists by today’s use of the word.

  23. My fellow Yidden,

    EVERYONE here believes Moshe Friedman is wrong.
    You do, I do, we all do, every single one of us believes he is DEAD WRONG and doing and stupid things.

    So, why are we all fighting among each other!!!

    Yes, his mistaken, stupid, asinine behavior is helping a sonai Yisroel. ,,, and that is terrible, awful and wrong.

    But so is the hatred and sinah we are writing here.

    Who needs Ahmadinejad’s sinah, when we have plenty of our own here…. sinahs chinom.

    We are all fellow Yidden. Yes, even this jerk Moshe Friedman is a fellow Yid.

    Let’s all agree or disagree without nastiness and hatred.

    Let’s look at Friedman’s accomplishments.
    1) To the Older Goyim, they look at him as a moron, for they KNOW about the holocaust. But the fact that a Jew is doing and saying what he says is making fun of us… that hurts us.
    2) To the Younger Goyim,… that is where the problem is. Especially in the Moslem world, where there are crazies like Ahmadinejad telling them the holocaust is overblown and exaggerated, these youngsters will believe it do to Moshe Friedman’s foolishness.
    3) The Jews who support Zionism or Neo-Zionism look at Friedman and think that he is typical of all those who oppose Zionism. This makes them hate the Non-Zionsit Jews. This hurts us all too, due to sinah chinom.

    Just like when a crazed-out talk show host who goes overboard and crazy with his Conservative ideas taking them too far and saying bizarre things, he makes it bad for the normal Conservative American, so when this crazed-out Friedman says and does his shtick, me makes it bad for the normal anti-zionist Jewish people, as people associate him with all who oppose zionism.

    BUT, the most important way he hurts us by his very actions, which are causing good, Normal Jewish people here on YW to write against each other with anger and sinah.

    I do not believe there are many here that do not agree that Friedman’s actions are hurting the Jewish people, or at least the ones living on this third rock from the sun. But our being nasty to each other, and/or writing words of hate to or about ANY Yid is also wrong.

    Instead, let’s all praise each other for being against Moshe Friedman’s behavior, and when we hear other well-intentioned Yidden associate Friedman with any other groups, Satmar, Neturei Karta or any other, speak out and tell them, that Satmar is just as oppposed to Moshe Friedman as we all are, and that the VAST majority of NK are equally opposed to his stupid actions.

    Just like most Satmar Chassidim are not NK, most of NK do not support Friedman.

  24. Jos’

    I cant be more specific. When he ‘cozies up’ to our enemies, officially being an Ultra Orthodox Jew himself, clown or not, he is shaming the rest of us!
    Dont forget, ‘kol yisroel areiveim zeh lozeh’.

    Imagine a child of yours (old enough to understand) causing a ruckus in a public place, it’ll embarrass you no doubt!

    Your nos. 38 response to Sam is a bit ‘shvach’.
    Although you are right, and we dont need someone like Mr. Friedman to encourage more anti semitism, he certainly adds salt to our wounds!

  25. Dm
    I’ts really sad the way you think.If you think life is better for the Iranian jews, then why does he still want to wipe out Israel,isn’t friedman turning him into a jew lover like you think? It’s about time you wake up from your loving world and stop being Don Lkaf Zchus rashaim’s usser!

  26. 33,
    I don’t put too much stock in Ben Hecht’s “Perfidy.” It is one book and his facts are questionable, at best, though controversiable. And to taint one movement with this Hungarian issue is rather unfair. Just like not all Hasidim think like Friedman and to say so would be unfair.
    Here’s some background on Hecht:
    Ben Hecht was a great supporter of Zeev Jabotinsky and the Revisionist Zionism movement of Menachem Begin. He subsequently wrote the book Perfidy, dramatizing the failure to rescue Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, and the roles of the Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner and others in leadership positions in the Hungarian Jewish community. This issue was the subject of a libel trial, when the Israeli government sued a writer who accused Kastner, at the time a government minister, of having collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust. Although the court initially held that these accusations were correct, on appeal the verdict of collaboration was reversed by a split 3-2 decision in the Supreme Court. However the Supreme court upheld the decision of the lower court that Kastner saved Kurt Becher, a major German war criminal, from the punishment awaiting him at Nurenberg. The case remains controversial and it is not universally accepted that Hecht’s account can be accepted as fair. Hecht also opposed the social-democratic policies of Israel’s first two prime ministers David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, and of the Jewish Agency for what he regarded as their complicit silence and co-operation with the British during World War II in not doing more to rescue Jews and open the doors of Palestine to Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany and occupied Europe. He spoke out against the lack of interest in saving the Jews trapped in Europe during the Holocaust. He purchased newspaper advertising in New York’s newspapers to publicize the fate of Hitler’s victims. In one such “advertisement” with the headline: “FOR SALE: 70,000 JEWS AT $50 APIECE GUARANTEED HUMAN BEINGS” explaining that three and a half million dollars would rescue the then trapped Romanian Jews (quoted in his work Perfidy, pp. 191-192). However, Stephen Wise made a public statement in the name of the American Jewish Congress denying the “confirmation” of the offer from the Romanian government.

  27. roundabout, The point about Perfidy is exactly that a zionist himself admits to their own crimes against humanity.

    In any event, it is widely documented, aside from Perfidy, how the zionist sold Hungarian Jewry to Adolf Eichmann.

  28. Joseph,
    Again, one person’s comments and beliefs does not truth make. History shows, that overall, Zionists worked to save Jews from the Nazis. And this propaganda blaming Zionists for the Nazi atrocities is nonsense, just a way for anti-Zionists to spread their lies. It would be like getting someone to criticize a particular jewish religious group; doesn’t make it so.

    In April 1944, Adolph Eichmann ordered the removal of 400,000 Jews from the provincial towns, cities and villages around Hungary to ghettos. Deportation to Auschwitz began in May 1944. All communities besides those in Budapest were put in ghettos or concentration camps. In June, the first group of deportees (about 7,000 of the city’s 12,000 Jews) from Debrecen were sent to Austria and about one-half of these survived the war. Most of the other Jews were deported to Auschwitz.

    Hannah Szenes
    About 2,000-2,500 Jews were able to escape to Romania during the ghettoization period. Others escaped to Budapest. Relief efforts were sponsored by the Zionists, who helped Jews with fake passports, food, clothing and places to hide. The Haganah was actively involved in trying to save Hungarian Jewry. Two famous paratroopers that attempted to save lives included Hannah Szenes and Perez Goldstein.

    Another 1,658 Jews were bought and were delivered to Switzerland for $1,000 a person. The fate of the Hungarian Jews was published in the Swiss press and in other neutral countries, leading to a suspension of deportation ordered by Heinrich Himmler. Many Hungarian Jews were placed in the protection of neutral states, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal.

    Two well-known individuals involved in saving Hungary’s Jews were Charles Lutz, a Swiss diplomat in Hungary, and Raoul Wallenberg, secretary of the Swedish Legation in Budapest.

    The deportation process of Budapest’s Jews began in October 1944. The majority of the Budapest Jews were sent to a central ghetto, while some managed to live in “protected ghettos” in quarters protected by various neural states.

    Death marches to Austria were ordered for the Budapest Jews and it is estimated that about 98,000 Jews from Budapest lost their lives in these marches by January 1945.

  29. Joseph,
    Justing saying my point is factually incorrect doesn’t make it so. And your view is not colored by your anti-Israel/zionism? You base you view on Hecht. Still, you seem to want to blame Zionists for the murderous acts of the Nazis. Why stop there? How about FDR or the Catholic Church? Or how about the people who didn’t fight back?
    Here’s something novel: Blame the murderers! The Nazis.

  30. FDR indeed has blood on his hands for purposely failing to act, despite his knowledge of the Nazi genocide. In fact sending Jews who had escaped BACK to the Nazis. No difference over there.

  31. Joseph,
    FDR ddn’t help much, if at all.
    Today, I am sure you are very concerned about the genocide in Dafur and other areas of Africa. I supposed you wept about genocide in other parts of the world since WW II.
    We haven’t seen the same way or level as the Holocaust; still millions dead since..
    Lesson has not been learned..