Arrest Made In Queens Orthodontist Murder


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DanielMalakov.jpgSources tell WCBSTV, that police have made an arrest in the murder of a Queens orthodontist on Oct. 28 – reported HERE on YW.

CBS is reporting that the suspect was captured in Georgia over the weekend, and more details on his arrest are expected to be released later today during an NYPD news conference.

Dr. Daniel Malakov HY”D, a 34-year-old orthodontist, was gunned down in a Queens playground.


  1. HY”D, or Hashem Yinkom Damo (May G-d avenge his blood) is traditionally used in cases where one was killed al kidush hashem. Is there any indication that this murder was religiously motivated?

  2. to lkwdGuy, hy”d is used when someone is murdered, killed in a bomb attack. Do you have the same shaila when there is a pigu’a chas v’shalom. how do YOU define “al kiddush Hashem”?

  3. When you say HY”D for someone who may have been R”L murdered by a fellow yid are you not asking the RS”A to punish a Yid who may do teshuva. Do you say HY”D for someone who was literally killed by another’s loshon horah or biush berabim or are you mispallel that the person who was oiver an aveirah should do teshuva.