9:35PM EST: Plane Crashes Into Reformed Temple


According to WJBF a single engine plane has crashed into Congregation Children of Israel (reformed temple) in Augusta, Georgia. According to the initial reports, there is one person dead – presumably the pilot. WJBF reports that that they have spoken to people who were in the temple at the time of the crash, and they confirmed that no one who was inside the building was injured. (Further details will be posted as they are available.)


  1. Heard from the president of the synagogue:

    If it had not been Chanukah, there would have been Wednesday night classes for kids. Had it not been Chanukah the rabbi might have been there but instead he was at a church talking to Christians about Chanukah. There were a dozen men from the men’s club making latkes, but none hurt. The rabbi’s office was hit, but the sifrei Torah, which are physically near his office, were not damaged. Sounds like a nes Chanukah to me.

  2. A key part of nes chanuka back then was that many “misyavnim” (yidden that had adopted the Greek ideology) were brought back to Hashem and klal Yisroel. It sais that in Chanuka Hashem reaches out even to the farthest yid.
    So, yes, it is definetly a nes chanuka from hahsem, reaching out… B”H the people involved recognize it as a nes.

  3. Just a technical point – it’s “Reform”, not “Reformed” (though some might argue not matter how you spell it, it’s “Heterodox”).

  4. DM and emmess – you both should be ashamed of yourselves. With those few words, we all know what you mean.

    Jewish lives were saved by this miracle. And all you can think about is the fact that they are reform, so who really cares, right?

    This is what they teach you in yeshiva?

    You are a disgrace.

  5. Let us have a group discussion- No, better – let’s take polls and surveys about if it is reform or reformed. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  6. Main point here is that there where Jews in the building…agree with them or not…and that no harm came to them…. and thats all that should matter!!!

  7. Maybe the Reform people will reform themselves to being frum after their lives were spared. But unfortunately people like a nes but not to change.

  8. It is a nes and a credit to the pintele yid inside every Jew that there sounds like they recognize and have hakaras hatov for the Yeshua. Wouldn’t you like to know what zechusim they have that brought about such a wonderful event? Whether zchus avos or some particular mitzvos that they still cling to?

    Great story.

  9. i assumed and maybe i am wrong that the no-comment was referring to the following line:

    “…the rabbi might have been there but instead he was at a church talking to Christians about Chanukah.” in the first post.

  10. Yeah, I found the Christian aspect extremely interesting. How Jewish is a Jew teaching Christians about a holiday that we were saved from goyish religious oppression?

  11. I already wrote to YWN not to include storier about hertics. Just like they don’t write stories with inapropriate headings. I could read the Times Hearld of Sullivan County for that.