8 Nights, 8 Flights: The First 6 Winners!


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oorah small1.gifThe first 6 winners of the 8 Nights, 8 Flights contest are: 1. Aliza Stareshefsky from Passaic, NJ; 2. Tziporah Schulgasser from Spring Valley, NY; 3. Cheryl Minkoff from Highland Park, NJ; 4. Bracha Jaffe from Far Rockaway, NY; 5. Allison Soll from San Diego, CA; 6. Leah Zeff from Sacramento, CA;

There are still 2 more free tickets to Eretz Yisroel left to win.

Visit 8 nights, 8 flights!


  1. re:maybe more women than men enter the raffle.

    Maybe it’s just because Nashim have more zechusim when it comes to Tzedakah? e.g. Mesechta Kesubos 67: Mar Ukvah and his wife! 😉

  2. or maybe women just deserve the trip more than men do!!! remember-this all comes from Hashem!!! just let me be the next woman picked!!!
    -a woman