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NY Governor Spitzer Lights Menorah On Chanukah

spitzer photo.jpgGovernor Eliot Spitzer yesterday joined the the New York State Board of Rabbis to light the menorah in front of the Custom House at Bowling Green and also joined the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty to light the menorah at the group’s Chanukah Party.

“This location is precisely where hundreds of years ago our forebears came through seeking freedom, just as the Maccabees had thousands of years ago,” said Governor Spitzer in front of the Custom House. “It is a story that gets told over and over, and the symbolism of the menorah reminds us of how important it is we extend those principles of freedom to all.”

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  1. Sorry for being so pedantic, but the Gov did not light the menorah yesterday – musta been 2 days ago…(its mamish a shailah of ba’al toisef, whut?)

    Who is the person on the Gov’s left – looks very familiar?

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