London: Frum Car Gets Carjacked, Woman Injured


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london police.jpgA Stamford Hill family went through a frightening ordeal earlier this morning, when their car was carjacked. The incident occurred on Dunsmire Road, when a husband left his wife and elderly mother inside his car for a moment & ran into a grocery story to pick something up.

Within seconds, a person jumped into the drivers seat and sped off with the wife in the front seat screaming, and his elderly mother in the back seat. After a few blocks of erratic driving, the screaming woman was thrown from the moving vehicle by the driver.

After driving a bit longer, he apparently stopped and told the mother to exit the vehicle.

The police arrived, and along with Hatzolah, Shomrim, and Chaveirim units, an extensive search was formed to look for the vehicle and the driver.

The vehicle was located a while later – with the driver nowhere to be found.

Hatzolah treated the wife for minor injuries she received from being thrown from the vehicle, and transported to a hospital.

Besides for being scared and shaken up, the mother was Boruch Hashem not injured.

An intense police investigation is currently underway to hunt down the car-jacker.



  1. This story is not completely accurate – I personally heard the details from the driver, and here is what really happened: The man was driving his elderly mother to an appointment in his van, along with his wife, her two sisters, and her niece. He stopped on Holmleigh Road to help another elderly passenger into the van. As soon as he stepped out, a stranger jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off, with the 5 people inside the van. The terrified passengers decided to jump out of the moving vehicle. They tried to take the driver’s mother with them, but were unable to do so because she was in shock and actively resisted efforts to move her. With no time to spare, the driver’s wife decided to jump out first and seek help, but after opening the van door, she fell to the ground and suffered terrible pain. The driver heard screams and ran up the road, discovering his injured wife. Hatzolah, Chaveirim, and police were called to the scene. They attended to the injured woman and began to search for the van, which continued to speed erratically up Dunsmure Road. The other passengers, except for the driver’s mother, then also jumped from the moving vehicle. Police filled the surrounding area and launched a massive search for the van, driver, and elderly woman. 45 minutes later, an acquaintance spotted the driver’s mother standing on Dunsmure Road by herself. She was thoroughly examined and found to be unhurt, b”h. Police then located the van and chased it for several blocks, even shooting out one window to intimidate the carjacker, but he did not stop. Finally the van was surrounded by police vehicles, so the man left the van and tried to run away, but was ambushed by six armed policemen waiting in the area. He was taken into custody and immediately confessed to the crime, as well as to stealing a car in the same area on the same morning. None of the passengers were hurt except for the driver’s wife, who was taken to the hospital by Hatzolah with bleeding, bruises, and severe pain. Doctors attempted to reposition her dislocated shoulder, but were unable to do so due to massive swelling. After several hours of treatment, they were able to repair the injury with the patient under general anesthesia, using x-ray technology as a guide. In the process they discovered the shoulder was broken as well. The patient is in stable condition now and will iy”h be allowed to go home Monday, although there will be a recovery period of several weeks. The van has not yet been returned to the driver.

  2. its unbelievable that someone would actually ateal a car with 5 people in it!! It goes to show you how very dangerous some criminals are. Boruch Hashem everyone will eventually be ok.

  3. You also see the greatness of Jewish women, that they would rather jump from a moving vehicle and not be capture by a goy. H’ should protect all the Yidden.

  4. Update: The carjacker has been charged with stealing the vehicle and with 4 counts of kidnapping (not 5 because the owner’s elderly mother is unable to testify in court). The owner’s wife is preparing to leave the hospital shortly, she is doing much better although still suffering from the pain and shock of course, and it will be some time before she is able to resume functioning normally 100%.

  5. With reference to one of the posted comments, I think its inappropriate to comment that its good to lock the door of the car. obviously the driver, who is reliable and responsible just jumped out of the vehicle for a few seconds intending to return rightaway. Of course its always useful to be extra cautious and lock the door in a situation where danger is prevalent but of course in this story, it was not obvious that danger would occur and as mentioned the van was left unattended for seconds while responsible adults were left inside guarding the vehicle!! just imagine if we would lock the car everytime we get out for a few seconds (while people are inside) and what would happen in a different situation if the driver of the vehicle wouldve locked the doors and a passenger would have to get out for emergency reasons?? (this has happened in the past). In such a situation its more helpful to write words of support rather than give ideas that is too late to put into practice.

  6. lippa…
    your svora it was his shvigger is not bad..
    i had a more obvious svora…thats why i wanted to know the facts…
    you know the story of the stuck window of the shvigger !!
    anyway b”h no sinister motives are evident now that we know it was not his shvigger
    anyway lippa my friend….abi me lebt !!