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Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah

chupah.jpgPlace a young couple in a bare room, filled with only four white walls, it is hard for them to think majestic thoughts of a bayis ne’eman. One reason that hachnosas kallah is so fundamental a chesed is that it helps set the yesodos under a new bayis in klall yisroel and the stronger the foundations, spiritually, emotionally and yes, even in terms of the surroundings, the firmer will be their future. It is sad to say that there are new couples for whom even basic simple necessities are unaffordable.

And it is with these basic necessities that Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah (formerly Bayis Ne’eman L’Kallah) is concerned. We are not talking about silver vases and elegant dining rooms. We are talking about basic necessities: beds, a table, and some chairs.

Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah was founded as a zechus for a refuah shleima for Rabbi and Mrs. Zev and Chashie Weiss, a’h. After their passing, we, their children committed ourselves to perpetuate the memory of our parents with this chesed. Gedolim urged us to focus on basic items that no other organization provided. Since its founding, Chasdie Chashie L’Kallah has helped place necessities in more than 1000 new homes over a wide range of kehillos across the US.

Chasdie Chashie L’Kallah works with other Hachnosas Kallah organizations. Each situation is handled discreetly after consultation with local Rabbonim and Askanim. In many cases the chassan and kallah have no clue that the beds delivered by a furniture company is paid for by Chasdie Chashie L’Kallah. All our work is done by dedicated volunteers and all money raised goes directly to helping needy kallahs and their families.

Permit me to share a story that took place just a short while back. A frantic phone call came in one day recounting the story of a couple still in middle of Sheva Brachos. The kallah was from out of town and since the chosson learned in a local yeshiva, he took charge of furnishing their new home. As there was little money, he ordered used beds and basic furniture. The furniture delivered was in terribly run-down condition and the beds were old and worn out. 

When the kallah arrived at the apartment the night of the wedding, she was appalled by the terrible condition of her surroundings, particularly the pitiful looking beds. She refused to stay in the apartment. She couldn’t bring herself to start her new life in this manner. The kallah confided her distress to a friend who contacted Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah. After verifying the situation a brand new set of beds were delivered the very next day. Later a dinette set was delivered as well. We at Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah, were zoche to infuse another bayis ne’eman with simcha and shalom.

Being mesameach does not end with the dancing at the chasunah. Please join us in assuring simcha and shalom to poor couples. Our expenses continue to expand as we do more and more to establish botei ne’eman on foundations of simcha, optimism and dignity. Tizku l’mitzvos. Please participate in our annual Chinese Auction. For more information please call 718-856-4396/732-886-2531 or click HERE to visit the website.

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  1. I had the zechus to know Rabbi and Mrs. Weiss. They were truly remarkable and I miss them. This such a wonderful and deserving zechus for them.
    Everyone involved in this great orginazation should have a lot of simcha and nachas

  2. I grew up down the block from Rabbi& Mrs Weiss Z”l,they were very special people and have a very special family who run this Tzedakah.

    Support this organization!

  3. #5, perhaps they can afford the day to day costs once married, but they (or parents) can’t afford the basic tools they’ll need to set up their home. Hachnasas kallah has been around for a long time (as we say every morning in Eilu devarim).

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