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TEHILLIM – Boro Park: Woman Critically Injured In 3 Alarm Fire; Building Dept Investigating Sukkas Blocking Fire Escapes [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

At least a dozen people were injured – one of them critically – when a three-alarm blaze ripped through a Boro Park apartment building.

The fire broke out around 4:30AM Monday in a kitchen on the second floor of the four-story building located at 1225 49th Street near 12 Avenue.

It quickly rose up the cockloft to the top floors.

A woman trapped in a rear bedroom of an apartment had to be rescued by the FDNY.

Nine other people were evacuated with the help of firefighters through the roof of the building.

About 135 firefighters fought the blaze and got it under control in about 90 minutes.

The 13 other patients, including four firefighters, were all in stable condition.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Shortly after the fire was brought under control, the NYC Building Department was requested to the scene due to multiple “wooden structures” (Sukkas) that were built illegally on the fire escapes – preventing people from using them.

Please say Tehillim for Daniella Ahuva bas Miriam.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN / AP)

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  1. A refuah shelamah to all those hurt in the fire. The more frightening part is how yidden could be so stupid and reckless as to build a succah on a fire escape so as to block an escape route. Aside from being illegal it is simply mindless. I wouldn’t assume the article is correct, but if so, those responsible should be prosecuted to the maximum extent the law allows, which sadly is probably not enough to deter similar action in the future. There are so many publicly accessible succahs available throughout BP and Willy, why would anyone risk the lives of other tenants in this way??

  2. Sukkahs blocking fire escapes are a major chillul Hashem. Sukkas on a fire escape that cause a death or serious injury … unspeakable. Protecting life is the first Mitzvah.

  3. To Yaapchuk: I am a liberal – I don’t consider that “left” but lots of people do. And no one objects to the mitzvah of sukkah. There is also a mitzvah to respect civil authorities, and a mitzvah not to endanger life. If you cannot figure out how to observe all three mitzvahs at the same time, maybe you should speak to a rabbi, or an average 10-year-old. And don’t worry about the left. I don’t think they will block your fire escape.

  4. I have another question: If a person built a Sukkah in a dangerous place for the sake of a Mitzva, ok it’s one thing, but what excuse do they have for keeping it up there for even one more extra day?!! It should’ve been taken down immediately after Sukkos, holding their breath and thankful that nothing happened over Yom Tov. The same goes to any one who built a Sukkah on public property. Why are those Sukkahs still up?! That’s irresponsible!

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