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FRIGHTENING: Two Frum Lakewood Residents Spent More Than An Hour With The Manhattan Terrorist

TLS reports two Lakewood residents were shocked today to find out that the terrorist who killed 8 people in Manhattan and injured a dozen others, had in fact been their Lyft driver.

Eli Grynhaus tells TLS he and his brother Avrumi were looking for a ride from Newark Airport about two weeks ago, and ended getting a ride with this man, Sayfullo Saipov.

“When I saw a picture of the terrorist, I said he looks familiar, and went into my recent rides list and realized it was actually him. I almost fainted,” Eli tells TLS.

The terrorist reportedly had a decent rating with the ride-share company.

“The scary thing is, this could have happened right here in Lakewood,” Eli says.

Yesterday, Saipov used his rented pickup truck to run over a crowd of bikers on the West Side Highway, before shooting several others while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

(Nat Golden – YWN)

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  1. Ywn you wrote tls instead of the lakewood scoop it feels like you did that to water down who to give credit to. Improve your own middos before you rebuke others like hikind and pelegs.

  2. When I visited Passaic, my wife and I took an Uber driver to Newark airport. He was a Muslim driver who immigrated from something like Pakestan.

    I do not remember who he was, but at first I was a bit frightened, but he turned out to be extremely courteous, more than the other drivers that we had used.

  3. I’m sorry you feel that way,

    did you write ywn instead of the Yeshiva World to water down who you are talking to?

    to say MSNBC instead of Microsoft National Broadcasting Channel is watering it down?
    to say WSJ instead of Wall Street Journal or NYT instead of New York Times is watering it down?

    I highly doubt it

  4. You have more of a chance getting hurt or killed in lakewood daily traffic then getting hurt or killed from an uber driver.besides ,these 2 from lakewooders are on in thousands who have traveled with this animal. So why brag about it. Is it really cool to say “i was in a car with a murderer?” Genig shoyn!

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