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WATCH: Greenfield Makes The Final Case for Kalman Yeger


In his final message of the election, Councilman David Greenfield speaks of some of the challenges that he faced when he was first elected eight years ago and how he overcame them. Greenfield describes the key issues facing the community and why Kalman Yeger can tackle them through his experience, integrity and proven track record of results.

This two minute candid video is certainly worth watching before you go out and vote today for the next Council Member to represent you in Borough Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

10 Responses

  1. David Greenfield had a hard case to make the first time he ran. He turned out to be much better than all the councilman we had and he surprised everyone!!!

    I hope the next councilman goes in David Greenfield’s path

  2. he sounded good until he made a promise that is not possible for him to control….the problem here is he talks about integrity but everything I’ve seen posted by the yeger campaign screams otherwise….one would think having a “frum” election would mean not having to hear slander and have to question wether the news is true or not…every post and headline has been misleading and quite frankly untrue to any educated person…for example having a headline that states hikind wants to bankrupt yeshivos is pure nonsense…maybe he’s backing a bill that could open them up to liability but to say his purpose is that he wants to bankrupt the yeshiva is utterly rediculous…i don’t know him and I’m not from Brooklyn but any person with half a brain would know that’s not his intention and to make it try and seem as it is, is just dirty politics which scream no integrity from my perpective.

  3. Thank you David…Sorry too late now, i voted Hikind already.Where were you till now? how come you said nothing till now?

  4. To galicianer: i never said he DID nothing..I said he SAID nothing..I never saw him campaigning for Yager or advertisements from Greenfield for Yager…I know he did alot for the community and he has achieved tremendous grants for Yeshivas, Buses and other programs…My Grand children all enjoy the parks he rebuild special the toilet in 18th ave park which cost $925,000 to build.

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